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Psychopathic talk

Words that sound good but have no meaning or intention behind them

"Politicians of all stripes routinely spin facts and logic so fast they make the rest of us shake our heads in bemused wonder. Then there are those rare occasions when a prominent politician says something that clearly deserves a place in the Political Chutzpah Hall of Fame. President Obama earned a place in the pantheon with his Saturday radio address:

'It's smoke and mirrors,' he said. 'It's bogus, and it's all too familiar. Every time we get close to passing reform, the insurance companies produce these phony studies.... The fact is the insurance industry is making this last-ditch effort to stop reform even as costs continue to rise and our health care dollars continue to be poured into their profits and bonuses and administrative costs that do nothing to make us healthy, that often actually go toward trying to figure out how to avoid covering people....'

Before Obama goes much further bashing the health insurance industry, let's review what Obama said during the 2008 presidential campaign. He made two promises that attracted crucial support from independents. He promised 'a net federal spending cut' and to 'cut taxes for 95 percent of American workers.' But from his first day in the Oval Office, Obama has been on a spending binge of such unprecedented magnitude that the federal deficit this year is more than $1.4 trillion, or nearly three times what it was under George Bush in 2008.

If Obama's health care reform plan becomes law, the deficit will be even bigger. As for cutting taxes, that is a topic Obama assiduously avoids these days because he is too busy pushing massive new federal programs that will indirectly add thousands of dollars to the costs of living for virtually every American family, through more expensive health insurance premiums, skyrocketing gasoline and utility bills, and higher prices for food and other consumer goods. In view of these facts, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Obama's campaign promises were just so much ... smoke and mirrors. Not only were Obama's bullying remarks Saturday harsh and hypocritical, they also sounded desperate, shrill and divisive. Not what one expects from a president promising bipartisan reform."

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Obama's Thin Skin

Barack Obama is once again taking cues from his amigo to the south, Hugo Chavez. The Obama administration has declared war on FOX News—the right-of-center news channel that features hosts such as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

What did FOX News do to instigate this presidential snub? It fact-checked Obama administration guests, which Anita Dunn, communications director for the White House, claims is "something I've never seen a Sunday show do."

As a result of this dastardly and cowardly practice of irresponsible journalism (in today's world, responsible journalism means having blind faith in all news bits passed to you), the Obama administration has stopped supplying guests to the "Fox News Sunday" news program. Additionally, Dunn stated that FOX was "opinion journalism masquerading as news." And, Obama advisor David Axelrod encouraged other news stations to 'isolate' FOX by cutting ties with the channel.

The Obama administration's coercive relationship with the mainstream media is no secret, and there are few things President Barack Obama hates more than a lack of control. Hordes of former journalists have joined the Obama team, and Dunn even admitted that the Obama team "very rarely" communicated to the press anything they "didn't absolutely control." Because FOX News, for all of its missteps, is one of the only major news outlets not in the tank for Obama, it can be expected that the control-monsters in the Obama administration would wish to avoid this type of informational anarchy.

For those thinking that this is eerily similar to the behavior of oppressive dictators, just refer back to earlier this year when reports from Venezuela told of Chavez's plan to generate a "map of the media war" that identified private news outlets hostile to his dictatorship. Months later, Chavez began revoking broadcast licenses from dozens of radio stations. Is Obama heading in this direction, as well?



Obama's War on Fox News Becomes a Quagmire

THE WHITE HOUSE - Despite the President's promise of a swift and decisive victory, Obama's War on Fox News has developed all signs of an unwinnable quagmire, making the White House even more isolated in its unilateral attempts to crush the growing media insurgency. As the war continues to grind on for a second month, public opinion is shifting towards a quick and complete withdrawal. While many observers still agree that the "War on Limbaugh" is a "just and necessary war," even the former supporters of the war effort are now labeling the War on Fox an "unnecessary war of choice" and claim that the cable channel had nothing to do with Obama's falling approval numbers.

Some say that the general in charge, Anita Dunn, greatly underestimated the power of fiery critic Glenn "Muqtada" Beck and his band of radical followers, who have inflicted heavy casualties on White House forces.

The war has recently passed an ugly milestone as Obama's hand-picked czar Van Jones exploded in the middle of the battlefield littered with pencils, notebooks, blackberries, and media tags, sending shockwaves of terror through the ranks of reporters in the service of the administration.

Accusations of war crimes continue to surface, the most recent war atrocity being Katie Couric's interview with Glenn Beck, after which the prominent Fox News commentator was found outside the CBS studios disoriented, with plucked eyebrows, and a coveted jar of M&Ms stolen from his pocket.

While the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison is being shut down, President Obama is rumored to be in talks with Fidel Castro to use the East German political prison on Cuba's Isle of Pines as a secret detention center for the "enemy commentators." However, the White House's unilateral decision to classify all Fox News journalists as "enemy commentators" has been roundly criticized by human rights organizations, who maintain they should be covered by the "Inside the Beltway Convention."....

The war is also personal for the aging media veteran Dan Rather, who had won many media battles but one single failure brought him a dishonorable discharge. As a result he is now suffering from Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD), has become homeless, and lives somewhere under the Manhattan Bridge. "This war has put a lot of wear and tear on liberal commentators," Rather observes. "Their families are being broken up because they come back home with PTSD, STD, PMS, with drug and alcohol addictions, and afflicted by severe violent and suicidal tendencies."

It is hardly a consolation that Rather is soon expected to be joined under the bridge by Rachel Maddow, Maureen Dowd, and Katie Couric, whose activist group "Boobs not Bombs" failed to distract Americans from watching Fox News by publicly flashing their breasts. The trio has been reportedly suffering from a host of psychological disorders ever since the polls revealed most Americans still preferred the sight of Bill O'Rilley's receding hairline.

More of this splendid reportage here. Good satire is never far from the truth.


'A Minority for Analytical Purposes'

That story we noted yesterday about the Justice Department's decision to forbid Kinston, N.C., to switch from partisan to nonpartisan elections for local officials is even more curious than we realized. A reader passes along a link to the Aug. 17 letter in which Loretta King acting assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Division, informed the Kinston's lawyers of the decision:
According to the 2000 Census, the City of Kinston has a total population of 23,688 people, of whom 14,837 (62.6%) are African-American. The total voting age population is 17,906, of whom 10,525 (58.8%) are African-American. The American Community Survey for 2005-2007 estimates the total population to be 22,649, of whom 14,967 (66.6%) are African-American. As of October 31, 2008, the city has 14,799 registered voters, of whom 9,556 (64.6%) are African-American.

Although black persons comprise a majority of the city's registered voters, in three of the past four general municipal elections, African Americans comprised a minority of the electorate on election day; in the fourth , they may have been a slight majority. For that reason, they are viewed as a minority for analytical purposes. Minority turnout is relevant to determining whether a change under Section 5 [of the Voting Rights Act] is retrogressive.

Black voters have had limited success in electing candidates of choice during recent municipal elections.

The letter does not allege any effort to suppress the black vote. Assuming the absence of such efforts, the reason that "black voters have had limited success in electing candidates of choice" is that so many of them have not bothered to vote!

The Justice Department's position, then, is that the Voting Rights Act requires the department to intervene on behalf of the political preferences that it imputes to people who cannot be troubled to go to the polls. This may well be a correct reading of the law--in which case, it's a screwy law.



BrookesNews Update

Is manufacturing really signalling good news for the US economy? : "Reasonably informed commentators recognise that Obama's massive borrowing and huge deficits must eventually drive up interest rates. What most of them don't get is that this will kill off time-consuming projects, the sort that are instrumental in raising living standard. In short, the rise in interest rates could be sufficient to kill economic growth. This is because they would be reflecting the amount of savings that the government was consuming at the expense of capital accumulation
Is the US economy facing deflation? : Since inflation is about increases in money supply, obviously an increase in spare economic capacity cannot reduce the rate of inflation as most commentators are saying. Only the Fed's monetary policy can exercise control over the money supply. Hence, regardless of the economic slack, the more money the Fed creates, the more damage it inflicts
The Australian economy: things not as bright as they look : The historical fact is that government spending in itself has never overcome a recession unless funded by the central bank. To put it crudely, it only works when the spending is supplied by the printing press. Furthermore, what we should call inflation-driven recoveries plant the seed for the next recession"
The same media that tried to lynch Rush Limbaugh praised the Stalinist Paul Robeson : The Rush Limbaugh media lynching has at least awakened even more Americans to the political viciousness of the media and their outrageous mendacity. Unable to find the slightest evidence of racism by Limbaugh they resorted to knowingly using racist quotes invented by a leftist. This is the same media that whitewashes American Stalinists who wanted to see their country destroyed
Obama's Hokey COLA spending binge: Every day, in ways large and small, this government shows itself to be the most fiscally reckless and irresponsible in American history - frighteningly on par with those that wrecked once-wealthy Argentina in the 1940s and Germany in the 1920s
Nazism is Socialism: "In his brilliant 1933 essay Hayek explains why Naziism was a socialist movement with Marxist roots with a hatred of capitalism and individualism. The same thing is happening in the US today. The hatred, the anti-liberalism and the sheer intolerance of the American left is creating a vicious political atmosphere that is beginng to closely mirror the totalitarian mindset that destroyed German democracy
Here He Comes: Mr. Universe : Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is every bit as offensive as it is absurd. He is one of the most divisive president's in U.S. history. Take his radical promotion of abortion on demand - up to and including the grizzly and, according to the AMA, never necessary practice of partial birth abortion
The Seduction Of Lindsey Graham : Graham may be right about one thing: Glenn Beck clearly represents the thinking of conservatives, not the GOP. And Sen. Lindsey Graham is now willingly spouting the talking points of the left and abandoning the conservative principles that got him elected. He has been seduced by the left and his reward is ever more national face time and political influence
Isn't America under Obama great? : Obama has proposed a new auto insurance reform plan with a public option. There are millions without auto insurance that need to be protected and it is not fair that they are not covered. The unfortunate who do not have documentation to prove they are American citizens must be also able to share the American dream of a car in every garage or front yard



Video makers release tape of Philly ACORN visit: "Two conservative activists released a new undercover video targeting the community-organizing group ACORN on Wednesday, an attempt to reignite a simmering political controversy surrounding the Democratic-leaning organization. The new videotape shows filmmakers Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, posing as a prostitute and her boyfriend, soliciting advice about a possible housing loan from workers in the Philadelphia office of ACORN Housing Corp. "At no point were we kicked out, at no time were we asked to leave," O'Keefe says on the tape of the Philadelphia visit. Neil Herrmann, ACORN's lead organizer in Philadelphia, was quoted in news accounts last month as saying that an employee at the office had asked O'Keefe and Giles to leave. On the edited tape released Wednesday, the couple were not asked to leave."

Domestic woes spur Iran's consent to nuke deal: "Iran's initial agreement to back down in the face of international pressure and ship its nuclear fuel outside the country shows that the regime feels vulnerable after waves of protests and other setbacks to its regional influence. Iran scholars and proliferation specialists say the government in Tehran is trying to shore up its legitimacy in the aftermath of its disputed June presidential election and stave off more economic sanctions. Iran is also feeling insecure because of bombings in its southeast, setbacks to allies in Lebanon and Gaza, and defections abroad, including that of a presidential adviser's daughter. "They're feeling under a lot of pressure," said Greg Thielmann, a senior fellow at the Arms Control Association."

Senate defeats costly Medicare 'fix': "The Senate on Wednesday blocked an expensive change to the way doctors are paid under Medicare over concern about the mounting deficit, in what Republicans called the first defeat for President Obama's health care plan. Democratic leaders had sought the 10-year, nearly $250 billion bill as a fix to the long-term Medicare problem, but without proposing a way to pay for it, they lost support from moderate Democrats, signaling that cost could become a significant hurdle to a reform bill."

Ignorance is (a politician’s) bliss: "Various convenient fictions (’That to secure … rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,’ for example) notwithstanding, the real basis of government power is the ability of politicians to con us into believing that we need them — that without their plans and programs and policy, society would instantly degenerate into chaos and ‘a war of all against all.’ Even the most cursory examination of that claim exposes it as a fraud. In truth, government does very little to enhance your life. It’s at least as likely, and probably more so, to violate your rights as it is to protect those rights. If government does something you truly need done, it doesn’t do it as cheaply or as well as market entities would. If government does something you don’t need done, it’s just background noise at best and dead weight at worst. And the lion’s share of government activities are of a third sort — undertaken entirely for the purpose of forcing you to buckle under to, and pony up for, the first two kinds of activities.”


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The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)


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In regards to Obamas thin skin.. When George Bush was president he was vilified in the worst possible ways by CNN, MSNBS, CBS, ABC, NBC and other liberal "news" organizations and he took it all in stride, ignoring them and acting with class.. Obama is getting resistance from ONE news organization and his administration is going crazy over it.. I doubt this administration will ever show the class that George Bush did..