Monday, September 19, 2011

No "Common Ground" With the Left

Christopher Adamo

Among the most desperate and futile efforts by an extreme leftist to don a mantle of credibility is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s characterization of his venomous writings as “The Conscience of a Liberal.” Under this colorless title he has not only authored a book, but also regularly presents Internet postings.

It is particularly outlandish to promote oneself under such a contradiction in terms, since with each passing day, each biased news story from the “mainstream” media, and each ensuing example of flagrant double standards, it becomes more apparent that a liberal cannot have a conscience or even a soul (nor do many of them even concede the existence of the latter). Also, as evidenced by Krugman’s malevolent September 11 tirade entitled “The Years of Shame,” it becomes increasingly obvious that his kind do not have much of a memory either.

The essence of Krugman’s diatribe is that the ten-year commemorations of the September 11 attacks seem “subdued” because President Bush, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and their minions “hijacked” and exploited the original event for their own purposes, thereby trivializing it. Krugman then broadens his brush to include everyone who, at the time, temporarily put aside partisan politics to voice support for the President and the stunned nation he sought to rally. In a typical leftist inversion, Krugman maintains that such national unity, brief though it was (liberals could not long remain in the same league with the flag-waving pro-America crowd), actually represented a divisive “wedge,” while the unabated ankle biting from the far left exuded real principle and national cohesiveness.

As to the shameless politicization of September 11, perhaps Krugman has forgotten that it was those on his end of the political spectrum who openly lamented that the al Qaeda attacks had not occurred during the Clinton years, since that would have afforded an unparalleled opportunity to display his “greatness.” And their perverse sentiments are certainly not without precedent. Clinton indeed displayed a willingness to make political hay from horrific tragedy, as with his unconscionable exploitation of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Nor can the intellectually honest (an admitted rarity among Krugman and his colleagues) fail to recall the menacing words of Obama-crony Rahm Emanuel who famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Again, the proof of this soulless obsession is abundant and inarguable. Since the advent of the Democrat controlled Congress in 2007, and their taking of the White House in 2009, America has been victimized by one contrived crisis after another, invariably followed on close order by transparent liberal demands for ever expanding governmental power, always under the fraudulent guise of compassionate and heroic remedies.

Worse yet, even where no crisis exists, but instead the inescapable realities of the human condition manifest themselves, the liberal cabal is always on hand to shamelessly distort things in a relentless effort to convince as many Americans as possible that they are “victims” ostensibly needing the beneficent hand of a statist government to help them get through the day. Thus, inequities in talent and industriousness are demeaned as rapacious practices of “the super rich,” providing goods and services with an expectation of payment is derided as “heartless,” and any attempt to curb a potentially disastrous federal deficit is castigated as “balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.”

The examples of truly hateful and divisive rhetoric abound, and are invariably found on the left. Yet the instigators of such heinous actions are never held to account. Barely nine months have elapsed since the shooting spree by Jared Loughner in Tucson Arizona. But although his monstrous actions were attributed to severe mental problems, the vast and orchestrated liberal effort to lay blame for that atrocity at the feet of conservatives, with no concurring evidence whatsoever, spotlighted the unfettered hate and malevolence of the American left that is regularly unleashed on any who dare to philosophically oppose it.

In the weeks following that appalling event liberal politicians and pundits sermonized endlessly and with near comical sanctimony on the consequences of “incivility” and a political “climate of hate,” though a comprehensive investigation of Loughner’s motivation revealed absolutely no such correlation. Furthermore, even if Loughner had ever claimed some personal impetus on that basis, it is incontrovertibly clear that the major forces of the political right do not operate on that basis.

In stark and revealing contrast, the hostile and malignant actions of the American left are espoused and encouraged by those in official leadership. Unlike the contrived claims of voter intimidation in Florida in 2000, real voter intimidation actually did occur in Philadelphia in 2008, ultimately receiving the blessings of racist Attorney General Eric Holder. Bellicose rhetoric is regularly invoked by leftist radicals and their “community organizer” minions at every crucial juncture in the ongoing contest for control of the nation’s future.

Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently voiced an indefensible and clearly “uncivil” admonition to the Tea Party, which she crowed “can go straight to Hell,” followed ominously by the threat “And I intend to help them get there.” Surpassing even this was James Hoffa’s characterization this week of his supporters as “an army” ready to “march” and “take out” the opposition, whom he described in profane terms.

Yet almost never do these purveyors of hate, nor their many other like-minded cohorts who have expressed similarly venomous sentiments receive even the mildest criticism from the leftist mouthpieces who, in all of their piety, spew endless sermons at the right. Whether from Paul Krugman and his media collaborators or Democrat leaders in the Senate and House or Barack Obama, in the wake of such abominable proclamations the silence among liberals has been deafening.

It is no surprise that, in the wake of 9-11, the fifth-column of the Islamists found fertile ground among these leftists within which it could readily till its hatred for the West and generate sympathy for its murderous cause. Ultimately, the Jihadists recognized that they could count on a liberal culture steeped in “political correctness” to concur with their motivations and intentions to eradicate the Judeo-Christian foundations of this nation and its culture.

As for those sporadic calls for national “unity” from Paul Krugman and similarly hypocritical liberal pontificators, the sum total of their commentary and actions proves them to be wholly and absolutely insincere. The Alinskyite left, with all of its selective moralizing and glaring inconsistencies between last week’s phony sanctimony and this week’s agenda, has proven that it bears far more similarity to the ghoulish plans and tactics of the militant Islamists than the noble thoughts and ideas of Washington, Jefferson and Adams. Consequently, the establishment of any common ground between liberals and Real America is simply unattainable.



Risk Takers will lead us out of recession —not government

As Congress responds to the President’s jobs speech, the employment news continues to be grim with zero new jobs created in August. This Labor Department announcement combined with the White House’s officially having raised their projections for joblessness nationwide to more than 9 percent through election day 2012 make the question of who creates jobs all the more important.

This point was driven home as a California solar energy company, Solyndra, announced that it is shutting down and laying off more than a thousand workers in spite of a heavy federal government bet of a $535 million loan guarantee, while it has been revealed that another Obama green energy initiative in Seattle has generated only 14 jobs while costing taxpayers $20 million.

However, there is one bright, shining light that continues to battle through the fog of federal government economic incompetence and their wasteful green spending spree – the individual entrepreneur.

The individual entrepreneur continues to fight to build a prosperous future by meeting the needs of the marketplace rather than looking for a government handout to build a business. The individual entrepreneur struggles forward trying to provide a service or build a product that will be profitable and achieve the real American dream of providing a better life for himself and for his children.

The Washington Post recently highlighted one individual who exemplifies this spirit.

German Morales is a house painter who has employed as many as five people but due to tough economic times is down to one person who he employs part time. Every day, he wakes up with the hope of finding new clients, doing a great job and getting referrals for his next set of jobs.

Morales doesn’t look to government to provide a contract, grant or any other benefit, he looks to private home and apartment owners, developers and rental housing owners looking to hire someone with the skills he possesses who can help them make a profit on their investment.

He worries that there won’t be enough work to keep his family afloat, while continuing to invest every dollar he owns into making his company a success.

German Morales is the great American entrepreneur. Risking his security for a better life, and when times are tough paying the price through cutbacks and sacrifices.

The genius of the American economic system is that there are not any guarantees. The Declaration of Independence says that Americans have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not a guarantee of happiness.

This is why the German Morales story is so encouraging in the wake of economic news that seems to overwhelm with storm clouds for as far as the eye can see.

Because ultimately, it is the German Morales’ around the nation who are going to lead the way out of our nation’s recession, not Barack Obama and his ‘experts’.

Every city has scores of similar stories of people making their own way, putting their futures on their own backs and risking to make their own American success story. Some will be wildly successful and in ten to twenty years, everyone will know their names. Some will succeed in creating a small business and through their ingenuity, courage and skill will provides employment to five to ten people helping drive their local economy, the anonymous heroes of the American free enterprise system.

And some will fail, but they will have known that they tried, which is the ultimate genius of an economic system that wrings the best out of us through the competitive marketplace, ultimately giving consumers the best possible product for the lowest cost.

German Morales and others like him are the heroes of America’s future, and will be the employers who give the next generation jobs.

As we reflect on this Labor Day just passed, rather than the tired union-boss labor marches, America needs to celebrate those who provide the jobs due to the sweat of their brow and the risk to their fortune. It is time that our nation recognizes the entrepreneur as the true worker’s hero, because without people like German Morales, there are no jobs to go to, and no economic prosperity to celebrate.



Nero in the White House

by Mychal Massie, chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21

Three significant historical events have been eclipsed by Obama: 1) Jimmy Carter will no longer be looked upon as the worst president in American history; 2) Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton will no longer be recognized as the greatest liars in presidential history; 3) Clinton's stain on Monica's dress, and what that did to the White House in general and the office of the president specifically, will forever pale in comparison to the stain and stench of Obama.

I need not spend much time on the failure of Obama as president. His tenure has been a failure on every measurable level. So much so, in fact, that some of the staunchest, most respected liberal Democrats and Democratic supporters have not only openly criticized him – some even more harshly than this essayist – but they have called for him to step down.

Richard Nixon's words "I am not a crook," punctuated with his involvement in Watergate, and Bill Clinton's finger-wagging as he told one of the most pathetic lies in presidential history, in the aftermath of Obama, will be viewed as mere prevarications.

Mr. Nixon and Clinton lied to save their backsides. Although, I would argue there are no plausible explanations for doing what they did, I could entertain arguments pursuant to understanding their rationales for lying. But in the case of Obama, he lies because he is a liar. He doesn't only lie to cover his misdeeds – he lies to get his way. He lies to belittle others and to make himself look presentable at their expense. He lies about his faith, his associations, his mother, his father and his wife. He lies and bullies to keep his background secret. His lying is congenital and compounded by socio-psychological factors of his life.

Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader. He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood.

As the stock markets were crashing, taking with them the remaining life savings of untold tens of thousands, Obama was hosting his own birthday celebration, which was an event of epicurean splendidness. The shamelessness of the event was that it was not a state dinner to welcome foreign dignitaries, nor was it to honor an American accomplishment – it was to honor the Pharaoh, Barack Hussein Obama. The event's sole purpose was for the Pharaoh to have his loyal subjects swill wine, indulge in gluttony and behavior unfit to take place on the property of taxpayers, as they suffer. It was of a magnitude comparable to that of Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski's $2 million birthday extravaganza for its pure lack of respect for the people.

Permit me to digress momentarily. The U.S. Capitol and the White House were built with the intent of bringing awe and respect to America and her people. They were also built with the intent of being the greatest of equalizers. I can tell you, having personally been to both, there is a moment of awe and humility associated with being in the presence of the history of those buildings. They are to be honored and inscribed into our national psyche, not treated as a Saturday night house party at Chicago's Cabrini-Green.

The people of America own that home Obama and his wife continue to debase with their pan-ghetto behavior. It is clear that Obama and family view themselves as royalty, but they're not. They are employees of "we the people," who are suffering because of his failed policies. What message does this behavior send to those who today are suffering as never before?

What message does it send to all Americans who are struggling? Has anyone stopped to think what the stock market downturn forebodes for those 80 million baby boomers who will be retiring in the next period of years? Is there a snowball's chance in the Sahara that every news program on the air would applaud this behavior if it were George W. Bush? To that point, do you remember the media thrashing Bush took for having a barbecue at the White House?
Like Nero – who was only slightly less debaucherous than Caligula – with wine on his lips Obama treated "we the people" the way Caligula treated those over whom he lorded.

Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America's people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.



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Robert said...

The comparison with Nero seems appropriate. I think I even heard that Nero deliberately set the fire, then fiddled while Rome burned, intending to burn down Rome, then build a new city named after himself (Neropolis) as a monument to himself on Rome's site, making the comparison extra appropriate.