Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Google really are incredible

They have just changed all us users of blogspot to a new version of their blogging program:  Blogger.com.  And the new version is unbelievably bad.  It is a great leap backwards.  The biggest beef I have is that the new program enforces an assumption that all italicised passages and all indented passages must be only one paragraph long!

You want to indent two paragraphs buster?  Fuggedaboudit!  Terminally strange.  So they will only indent the first paragraph of what you have marked for indenting with the "blockquote" command.

There is however a way to fix that.  You can go into the html produced by the blogging program and move the "close blockquote" command back to where you originally put it.  And if you are confident with html that is not too hard:  Just pesky and time-consuming.

BUT:  Sometimes when you go into the html, the html is presented to you with the "compose" text overlaid.  So you have two versions of what you wrote all jumbled together.  And the html is much fainter than the "compose" text so it is quite hard to see what is going on even if you are an old hand at html.

I am rather pleased to say that I have managed to fix up my posts even in such difficult circumstances but I am sure that it would be beyond a normal sane person.

I had exactly the problem I describe in today's postings below.  You will see a series of paragraphs indented below.  Blogger.com over-rode my original command to do that so I had to go into a heavily muddled version of their html to put it back the way I wanted it.

And moving to Wordpress would be no solution.  There is quite a lot of html that they completely ignore!  Difficult is the life of a blogger!

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