Friday, May 10, 2013

Black lady dons shiny dress and white-girl hairdo to meet the world's most eligible bachelor

Prince Harry is not only a Royal Prince but also a genuine military hero who has taken part in dangerous actions in Afghanistan. And rebel-red hair to boot! So the adulation from American women is understandable.

In the circumstances we can perhaps understand the absurd hairdo adopted by Mrs Obama for the occasion. The head under the hair was no doubt in a spin

Michelle Obama has beaten hundreds of adoring women to get closest to Prince Harry after Britain's most eligible bachelor joined her at the White House at the start of his week-long U.S. tour.

The First Lady welcomed the 28-year-old prince to her home on Thursday afternoon for a reception in honor of military mothers and their children after he caused a stir in Washington D.C.

As well as meeting Sen. John McCain at Capitol Hill, he was welcomed by a bevvy of grinning female staffers - who were promptly ushered back inside by police, according to their colleagues' tweets.

'If all the women on Capitol Hill were dust bunnies, #princeharry would be a Dyson Vacuum. Every woman is gone. Every. Single. One,' Chris Mickey tweeted before the royal's arrival.

When the women were asked to leave, sparking 'grumpy faces' according to further tweets, they swiftly found other balconies over which to peer at the prince.


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