Monday, May 13, 2013

No description of the New Orleans shooters?

Police were accompanying the parade and saw the three offenders run off and yet the reports give no whiff of a description of the perps.   I have read through every report of the shooting that Google news threw up.

I surmised that the reason for the silence might be that any reasonable attempt at description would include the word "black".   And I was right.  CBS, of all people, have breached the wall of silence.  They couldn't bear to mention the B-word but they went close. We read from them:  "Police are looking for three suspects, one of which was described the suspect as a dark skin male, 18-22 years old with short hair, a white shirt and blue jeans."  Poor grammar but real information.

I am guessing that reporting of this crime will rapidly fade away.

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I'm guessing it's a white guy. Probably a Republican, NRA member, and Tea Party supporter whose stay-at-home wife homeschools their ten kids.

I could be mistaken.

Elsewhere, John, here's video that will warm your soul. A white guy walking alone on a New Orlean street in the dead of night is accosted from behind by a black guy with shotgun.

What's happens next is ...


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Anonymous said...

They showed on on TV and he was black

Wireless.Phil said...

Video shows suspect in New Orleans Mother's Day parade shootingPensacola News Journal