Sunday, March 09, 2014

New Colors

As you will see,  I have changed the colors of various fields on this blog
The idea is to make the colors easier on the eyes
Feedback via the Comments facility is very welcome
Most of my other blogs still have the old colors so far



Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Ray. Usually I am unable to copy photos from your website, using 'copy' and 'paste' in Word. I have to go through an elaborate ritual of copying and recopying to access the picture. Do you think anything could be done?
PS-Your excellent website shares top place with Mark Steyn and American Thinker so far as I am concerned. Thank you.Michael.

terrence said...

I like the new colour scheme. It is very easy to read. Thank you for doing it!

JR said...

I know very little about Word but I suspect that you do have to download the picture first

Right click on the picture gives you the options