Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Most of what I put up on my six blogs is a selection of what I see as good or interesting articles written by others.  But I also do a fair bit of original writing -- mostly debunking Leftist claims.  On GREENIE WATCH, I debunk some Warmist claim almost daily.  EVERY claim made in support of global warming is bunk so there is plenty for me to debunk there.  Yesterday I wrote something there that might please lovers of pumpkin pie.  Some Warmist said that warm weather would destroy pumpkin crops. I showed why that is nonsense.

But I am putting up this present comment to draw attention to two of my blogs which rarely feature debunking stories, but which have such stories up currently.

On POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WATCH earlier today, I drew attention to an obscure piece of academic research from Britain which blows out of the water the feminist panic about an "epidemic" of rape.  There is no such epidemic, at least as it is usually conceived.

And on EDUCATION WATCH, I look today at a claim from the "Boston Globe" to the effect that Boston has an all-black school that produces results as good as Boston private schools.  Amid the mountain of reports showing a huge gap in educational attainment between backs and whites, we suddenly have one report claiming that they have found out how to bridge that gap.  It had to be bunk, of course, and when I dug down a bit, it surely was. The "Boston Globe" didn't mention it, but less bright students were systematically excluded from the school concerned.

Leftism is solid lies.

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