Sunday, July 17, 2016

Latest Terrorist attack demolishes Obama's crusade against  guns

Every time there is a terrorist attack, Obama blames not the terrorist but guns.  But there was huge slaughter caused in Nice by a simple truck.  Should we ban all trucks?  In Obama's crazy world we would.  Will anything drag him into contact with reality? There are none so blind as those who will not see


On Nice attack, Trump gets it, Clinton doesn’t

A view from Boston:

One man driving a truck, 84 people dead.  Donald Trump wants to declare war on that.  It isn’t real policy. It’s rhetoric, a direct appeal to the gut, to the anger and fear people experience when they watch the reports from Nice.

Hillary Clinton wants us to be smarter, talk to our allies, and maybe hold a summit. Her typically wonky response reflects little understanding of what average Americans feel when they see bodies, strollers, and a stuffed animal strewn along a beach promenade.

Those families in France were celebrating a holiday with fireworks and fun, just as Americans did less than two weeks ago. It could have been the Boston Esplanade, or anywhere we gathered with children and friends to celebrate Independence Day. Trump gets that and he instinctively knows how to play to that dread. If Clinton gets it too, it didn’t come through in the aftermath of the latest horrific attack.

Statistically, the likelihood of a terror attack may still be small, but at a certain point, statistics don’t matter. After terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Istanbul, such violence feels possible in any major city. And attacks at home, in San Bernardino and Orlando, instill fear of the lone wolf terrorist next door, making us suspicious of each other. Last week’s murders of five Dallas police officers were not inspired by any foreign terrorist cause, but elevate the fear and suspicion.

Calling for gun control doesn’t work when a truck is the weapon of mass destruction. Calling for voters to try to understand the motivation behind such attacks is fine. But a presidential candidate must also understand those voters who aren’t students of psychology or advanced international relations. As they watch that long white truck roll down a palm-tree lined boulevard, the relations they are thinking of are their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Clinton needs to get out of her cerebral bubble and start thinking about Chelsea and the grandkids, and how she would feel if they were in the path of that truck-turned-deadly-missile.



Libs Gone Insane

Liberals aren’t exactly pro-law and order, except for the TV show, one of the most left-wing on TV. Anything else and they are ready to storm the barricades and sing like a bad version of “Do You Hear the People Sing” from “Les Miserables.” From Occupy Wall Street to Ferguson to Black Friday to Hands Up, Don’t Shoot to Freddie Grey to Black Lives Matter, liberals love to protest, hate cops, spit at cops, attack cops and riot. For the left, it’s an altogether fun time.

This week they showed their true colors (red, just not the red idiot journalists use on their maps).

Making a Glass Out of Yourself:

If you don’t like something, break it. Sounds like the beginnings of a new liberal motto. The left is doing its best to Taliban America, removing statues, graves and anything else it doesn’t like. In their eyes history is, well, history.

It’s only appropriate that this erasure of history hit college campuses like Yale. Only it’s stained glass and not academia that’s getting smashed. “A black cafeteria worker at Yale has been arrested for shattering a glass dining hall window that showed slaves carrying bales of cotton,” wrote Slate.  Thanks libs. Actual quote: “I would guess that many members of the Yale community appreciate Menafee’s precise surgical excision of a malignant image that once glowed balefully down upon their heads as they tried to enjoy the dining hall’s famous tofu apple crisp.”

Cops Are Like Communist Dictators. Or Something:

I’m color blind like many men and a few women. Even then I can tell the difference between red and blue. Of course, I don’t work for Huffington Post. The Posties are like many on the left, they hate cops and pretend they don’t. This week, they took a carefully manufactured liberal event and showed their disdain for the men and women in blue.

HuffPo highlighted a photo of a young African-American woman standing in the street getting arrested by police. Naturally, it was just like the famous Tiananmen Square tank man to the left. The site ran the actual headline: “Woman’s Peaceful Act of Resistance Becomes BLM Movement’s Tiananmen Square Moment.” HuffPo quickly changed the headline, but even then it linked to a story making the same comparison. Wonder if someone robbed the HuffPo offices, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

No, I Wasn’t Kidding. They Hate Cops II:

Racist black terrorist guns down police – killing five in an event so horrific that two presidents preside over the memorial service. The normal human reaction is to have A) sympathy for the slain and celebrate their lives or B) trash the white guy. If you work for the left, you probably chose B. And that’s what they did. Based on inference, Facebook likes and their interpretation of tattoos, liberals decided to savage heroic Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens. Actual headline: “Slain Dallas Cop Might’ve Been A White Supremacist: Still A Hero?” Moronic author Jesse Benn let it be known where he was going right away. Actual quote: “Naturally, bootlickers across the globe are unquestioningly celebrating the slain officers as heroes, innocents, and protectors.” Probably because they were heroes, innocents and protectors.

But hey, Jesse also advocated for violent protest as “logical” and somehow still is allowed to write for HuffPo. Benn attacked Ahrens because he didn’t like his tattoo choices including a “Crusader’s Shield tattoo.” Scary. After piling inference on top of inference, Benn concluded: “So, is he still a hero? He never was to me.” Benn’s Twitter profile photo makes him appear as a lame, hipster wannabe. Probably the bravest thing he has ever done is play Pokemon Go. OK, even that might be too much for HuffPo.

If Cops Are Bad, America Is Worse:

For you geezers out there (ahem), remember the scene in Animal House where Eric Stratton talks about how problems at Delta House equal an indictment of the entire educational system? That’s how the left views America. It hates the nation in micro and in macro. Salon delivered the macro, blaming America and our allies for problems with Russia and China. Actual headline: “The West escalates with Russia: Make no mistake, a second Cold War is now official NATO policy.”

Yeah, and Russia didn’t invade several of its neighbors and steal land, which is official Russian policy. If it’s a new Cold War, it’s only because Russia is the one doing the climate change. Actual quote: “Russia has signaled no intention whatsoever of doing anything more than defending its borders.” Assuming you extend Russia’s borders into the Crimea, Georgia and possibly Alaska. (We might offer them Detroit, but them’s fightin’ words.)

Let’s Make Up Nazi Stuff About Trump:

Liberals complain conservatives don’t like facts and then turn around and make up news more ridiculous than The Onion. Slate’s Shon Arieh-Lerer, a “freelance production associate,” (Hint: Not a word guy.) made up a whole piece about: “If Donald Trump Tweeted About Triumph of the Will.” Arieh-Lerer is part of what purports to be a comedy troupe, but if this piece is any indication, they won’t be getting an SXSW invite any time soon.

The piece is a bunch of made-up Tweets depicting Trump as pro-Nazi. So edgy. Arieh-Lerer’s problem is the piece reads like a typical Salon/Slate piece attacking the right. It’s phony and stupid, pretty much defining what liberal sites do. Actual made-up quote: “My wife @MELANIATRUMP made a very funny joke: “Trump of the Will.” Very good, Melania! Good girl!” HuffPo wants to be the original Producers or even Hogan’s Heroes. Instead, it’s as funny as a bad Nazi zombie flick. And about as lively.

You Thought No One Would Go There:

Just when you thought you’d heard enough Pokemon Go trend stories, the left goes one step further – “Pokemon Go Erotica.” According to Esquire, (Esquire?), “what's a phenomenon without a little bit of weirdly pitched porn.” Actual quote: “Pokebutt Go: Pounded By 'Em All is Kindle Edition erotica which is highly NSFW and only possibly taking itself seriously.” Actual quote from the promotional material for whatever this is: “This erotic tale is 4,000 words of sizzling human on gay Pokebutt action, including” and I’m going to cut to the chase here and spare you, gay “digital monster love." I’m sure this is just more about the conventional Modern Family lifestyle the media tell us all about.



For Obama, Leftist Rhetoric Is Always Innocent and Conservatives Are Always Guilty

When it comes to the linkage between violence and rhetoric, I abide by a fairly simple rule: If you're not advocating violence, you're not responsible for violence. That doesn't mean your rhetoric is decent or appropriate; it may be vile, awful and factually incorrect. But it isn't the cause for violence.

President Barack Obama also abides by a simple rule when it comes to linking violence and rhetoric: If he doesn't like the rhetoric, it's responsible for violence. And if there's violence associated with rhetoric he likes, then the violence must have been caused by something else.

This shining double standard was on full display this week after an anti-white racist black man shot 14 police officers in Dallas just hours after Obama appeared on national television explaining that alleged instances of police brutality and racism were "not isolated incidents" but rather "symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system." Obama was happy to label the shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, without evidence, as part of a broader racist trend in law enforcement across the country.

Then Micah Xavier Johnson opened fire on white police officers — and anti-police racist radicals attacked officers in Minnesota, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Texas again — and Obama suddenly got amnesia. Now, it turned out, rhetoric had nothing to do with their actions. In fact, said Obama, he had no idea why Johnson — who explicitly said he wanted to murder white cops — would do such a thing. "I think it's very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter," Obama said while in Poland. "What triggers that, what feeds it, what sets it off — I'll leave that to psychologists and people who study these kinds of incidents." He did blame one element for the attack, however: lack of gun control. "If you care about the safety of our police officers," he lied, "you can't set aside the gun issue and pretend that that's irrelevant."

Odd how this works. When a white racist shoots up a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama targets America's legacy of racism, and the entire media call for a national fight against Confederate flags; when a nut tries to shoot up a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado, the left emerges to claim that the pro-life movement bears culpability. But when an Orlando jihadi shoots up a gay nightclub, Obama and company declare the motives totally mysterious and then impugn Christian social conservatives and the National Rifle Association.

Here's the truth: Obama's rhetoric isn't responsible for murder, but it's certainly responsible for death. That's because Obama's racist rhetoric has led to the greatest rise in racial polarization since the 1970s. In 2010, just 13 percent of Americans worried about race relations, whereas in April 2016, 35 percent of Americans did. That racial polarization has, in turn, led to distrust of police officers, many of whom respond by pulling out of the communities that need their help most. Crime rates go up, including murder rates. Ironically, Obama's supposed rage at white officers killing blacks leads to more blacks killing blacks in cities no longer policed by whites.

But there's good news: Obama can always blame everyone else. When you're held responsible for your feelings rather than your actions, it's always simple to direct attention toward the evil conservatives who insist that all lives matter rather than care enough about black lives to save them by endorsing the police who work to protect black men and women every day.



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Anonymous said...

I notice leftist commentators on TV have started blaming the Nice terrorism attack on the truck driver being mentally ill / anti-social / criminal.

The hypocrites condemn anyone who says anything derogatory about the mentally ill, yet they do to avoid blaming Islam.

It is no excuse for Islam if the Nice truck driver was mentally ill with an anti-social and/or criminal personality disorder and was merely identifying himself with Islam as an excuse to murder people, because the fact is, Islam perfectly suits antisocial and criminal people.

The Koran encourages and commands the killing of non-Muslims more than it encourages any other behaviour. Even the Koran’s encouragement toward practicing kindness and good behaviour is only towards other Muslims, not towards non-Muslims which are to be waged war against. That is the law of criminals. The Koran is an anti-social guidebook, so naturally Islam attracts anti-social people.

Page after page, throughout the Koran, Muslims are encouraged to wage war on us non-Muslims. It even gives specifics on how to kill us, such as cutting our throats. It encourages Muslims to deceive us, not to take us as friends but may pretend to. It encourages all Muslims to fight according to their means, actively or passively, “until Islam reigns supreme”, because “fighting is obligatory”, and us non-Muslims “are the firewood of Hell”.

Islam is the perfect religion for hateful, anti-social criminal types. It attracts, receives and encourages psychopaths, so no one can rationally excuse Islam for what psychopaths do in its name.