Friday, February 03, 2017

Senate panel suspends a rule to OK Trump Cabinet picks

Once again, Democrats are undone by their living in an eternal present, with no thought of yesterday or tomorrow.  What the GOP did here was follow a precedent set by Harry Reid, when he showed that you could bypass important checks and balances through a simple rewriting of the Senate rules.

Reid had no respect for precedent and now the GOP have followed suit.  Reid quite amazingly abolished the filibuster for all but approval of SCOTUS judges.  That insouciance has now come back hard to bite the Donks on the butt.  They set a dangerous precedent for temporary gain and now are virtually disarmed in resisting Trump appointees

This is of course not the end of Senate scrutiny for the appointees but it clears away a roadblock.  And final approval should now follow easily

Republicans muscled through committee approval of President Donald Trump’s nominees for Treasury and Health on Wednesday, suspending a key Senate rule in the latest escalation of partisan tensions in Congress.

Democrats boycotted a Finance Committee meeting and Republicans responded by temporarily scuttling a rule requiring at least one Democrat to be present for votes. The committee then approved Representative Tom Price to become Health secretary and financier Steve Mnuchin to be Treasury secretary.



Hoyer: U.S. Should Not Give Priority to Refugee Claims of Persecuted Christians

Hoyer is Jewish.  I'm guessing that he would make an  exception for endangered Jews.  When Britain controlled Palestine, they tried to send back Jewish refugees.  Does Hoyer agree with that?

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday that the United States should not give priority to the refugee claims of persecuted religious minorities.

Doing so is one element of the execuitive order that President Donald Trump issued Friday to protect the United States from entry by foreign terrorists.

At his weekly Capitol Hill press briefing, asked Hoyer: “President Trump’s order on protecting the U.S. from foreign terrorists calls for prioritizing the refugee claims of persecuted religious minorities. Do you agree that the U.S. should prioritize refugee admissions for persecuted religious minorities?”

“No,” Hoyer said. “I think the criteria should not be religion.”



Levin on Trump’s Refugee Executive Order: Nobody Has a Right to Come Into America – None

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Monday, host Mark Levin ripped the Left for their onslaught against Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees saying, “Nobody has a right, of any kind, to come into America – none.”

“Nobody has a right, of any kind, to come into America – none,” said Mark Levin. “Now I know the crackpot ultra-Libertarians and the crackpot ultra-Leftists seem to think that people can come willy-nilly, but they’re wrong. That’s never been American history, and no nation can survive that. None. That’s why no nation does it. None.”

Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments from his show:

“Now, let’s start from the beginning so I can unravel all of this and then ram it down their throats.

“What’s the purpose of government? Its primary purpose is to secure America and to protect the life, liberty and property of the American people. I said, the American people.

“What’s the purpose of immigration? It is to improve America, to improve America.

“No society is immortal. None. No nation is immortal. None.

“And yet, there are people who keep preaching the transformation of America. They’ve been eviscerating our Constitution. They are eviscerating our borders, and they’re doing the latter through immigration. They lecture us about the Constitution.

“Foreign citizens who’ve never set foot in America don’t have constitutional rights. Seven billion people who aren’t Americans don’t fall within the jurisdiction of our Constitution or our statutes.

“Nobody has a right, of any kind, to come into America – none.

“Now I know the crackpot ultra-Libertarians and the crackpot ultra-Leftists seem to think that people can come willy-nilly, but they’re wrong. That’s never been American history, and no nation can survive that. None. That’s why no nation does it. None.

“All you’ve heard today is about the poor, would-be immigrant – not the actual immigrant – the poor, would-be immigrant from seven countries, six would be for a four-month temporary ban, not permitted to come into the country. In Syria it would be indefinite, until the situation settles down.

“And you would have thought Donald Trump was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You would have thought Trump was rounding up Muslim-Americans and Americans of Muslim decent, ordering his military to issue an order like 9066, rounding up Muslim-Americans and bringing them to internment camps in the center of the country.

“Did he do that? No.

“No, he didn’t do that.

“He hasn’t violated anybody’s rights. He hasn’t violated anybody’s due process. There aren’t any rights. There isn’t any due process. The people aren’t even here yet. The people aren’t even here yet.

“And they say this is un-American. What’s un-American. There’s nothing un-American about this.

“I don’t know what the courts will do now, but in the past the courts have upheld every single syllable of what Donald Trump did with his executive order.

“Nobody has a right to come into this country. Nobody has the right to demand to come into this country. I don’t give a d--- what their faith is, or their race, or their ethnicity.

“This country belongs to the American citizen. The citizen of America comes first, not the citizen of Yemen, or Libya, or the Sudan, or Iran, or all the rest of it.

“The problem we have, ladies and gentleman, is that we have people who are trying to blow up our cities and cut the throats of your children, and we can’t simply identify them because they won’t self-identity. They don’t wear scarlet letters.

“They’re terrorists. And terrorists, unlike a standing military, secrete themselves among the people. They hide among the people in order to slaughter the people. So when you have people coming into this country from parts of the world where we cannot be sure who they are because there’s no effective government, or there’s a hostile government, or there’s no effective database, what’s a president of the United States supposed to do? ‘Hey, come on in. We’ll ask you 12 questions.’ And that will be that.

“Trump is trying to prevent carnage in the United States of American citizens on his watch, and he’s being brutalized for it. He’s being attacked for it. “I’ve never seen anything so disgusting.”



The Left are full of fake horror over an affectionate pat on the bottom

Ivanka's husband still finds her attractive

It is good to see such magnetism between them after years of marriage and three children

Very selective horror.  By contrast, ripping a baby out of its mother's womb and killing it is no trouble at all to the Left.


Ivanka still Daddy's girl too

How idiotic are the feminists who say Trump is a misogynist

Trump took her with him when he made an unannounced trip to honor the returning remains of a U.S. Navy SEAL killed during a weekend raid on an al-Qaida base in Yemen


Columbia invited Iranian President Ahmadinejad to speak. He spoke. Milo Yiannopoulos got the reception below at UC Berkeley.  The Nazi-Left prevented him from speaking

The demonstrating Left and their supporters are the true heirs of Nazism in America today


A Trump supporter was giving her statement to ABC7 News when someone pepper sprayed her on camera

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Violent protests moved through downtown Berkeley Wednesday night after the cancellation of a speaking engagement scheduled for controversial Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

There were plenty of sub-plots at the protest against Yiannopulos, but also against people who were protecting the suppression of free speech. The conflict arrived in the form of polytechnics, smoke, strife, and anger--not only about the speaker and what he might say, but also about his right to say it, even in the birthplace of the free speech movement.

"Well I carried my sign, Free speech is protected even for Milo," said Mike Sherman, a protester.

The protests began at U.C. Berkeley in front of the Martin Luther King Student Union around 5 p.m. and left only after U.C. Berkeley police threatened to arrest anyone who remained.

As to what happened in between, there may have been 400 active protesters and some 300 people looking on. Some of them came hoping to hear the speech.

Kiara Robles braved the crowd wearing a red "Make Bitcoin Great Again" hat in the style of President Trump's red hats, which made her and our crew a target. The video in the player above shows the graphic exchange between a protester and Robles, who was pepper sprayed. "I'm looking to make a statement by just being here and I think the protesters are doing the same. Props to the ones who are doing it non-violently, but I think that's a very rare thing indeed."

She later told ABC7 News she was alright.

She was not the only person attacked at the protest Wednesday. "I hope I don't have a broken nose over this," said Joe Scherer, an observer. "The first amendment is fundamental to our Constitution."

By 9 p.m. protesters had taken to the streets of Berkeley carrying protest signs. Some marched while others threw rocks at buildings. A Chase location and a Wells Fargo location were vandalized. Broken glass could be seen flying into the streets from Sky7.

The violence and vandalism spread far beyond the school's campus.

U.C. Berkeley police and university officials issued warnings to the students not to exit their dorms. A shelter-in-place was ordered as well.

In a free country with free speech in iconic Berkeley, no matter what a person's politics we were all witness to violence



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Robert said...

Addendum to "Senate panel suspends a rule to OK Trump Cabinet picks" - Rush Limbaugh mentioned on his February 1, 2017 show that back in October 2016, Harry Reid mentioned that he was "confident that he had laid the groundwork for abolishing the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees" as well. Obviously Harry Reid was so cocksure that "Chuck-You!" Shumer would do just that in order to corrupt the Supreme Court as well by packing it with extreme Leftists if Hitler-y Clinton were to win the 2016 election. The Republicans should be ready to use the Democrats' own plans against them if necessary, which considering the Democrats' publicly stated intentions of intransigent obstructionism, seems likely. If it does come to "going nuclear" on the Democrats' tool of obstruction, the Republicans should make damn sure that the Democrats lose much more than they gained from Harry Reid's gimmickry to dissuade such shenanigans from being tried again.

Robert said...

It would also be very timely right now if someone were to erect a giant-sized poster of how the Brown Shirts helped Hitler gain power on the side of a very publicly visible building on the Berzerkley campus. Maybe there would even be a few people on the campus who would wake up and figure out who is really acting like the Brown Shirts, and even realize who the real fascists are.