Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump's "leak" to Russia

Just my two cent's worth:  General McMaster is a most impressive man so his swingeing rejection of the "leak" story is persuasive.  The theologians of Leftism say that he did not answer the exact allegations but that is a stretch.  He was pretty comprehensive in what he said.

Be that as it may, the coverup is brilliant. Saying the information came from Israel is both believable and harmless.  Everybody knows that Israeli intelligence is brilliant and that Israel shares intelligence with the USA, so the whole thing has become: "Move along.  Nothing to see here".

And Trump can't win over Russia.  If he is hostile to Russia, he is a warmonger and if he is friendly to prominent Russians, he is "in cahoots" with Vlad the impaler.  And I have long ago lost count of the number of times the media have declared Trump "finished" over some minor matter.

UPDATE:  More media madness. The Media Research Center’s recent all-day study of CNN’s coverage found that they spent a whopping 13 hours and 27 minutes in just one day covering President Trump. Furthermore, a full 92% of the coverage was negative.

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