Monday, August 21, 2017

A very small update:

I will probably have to delete this post some time -- but -- I have just spent several hours drinking  hard likker with my son.  He drinks Bourbon.  I drink gin. And we have decided that -- much as we love Mr Trump -- Steve Bannon is the man who really speaks for us.  We understand that he is not the right man for political compromise but we are still grateful to have a man of great influence who represents us!

An update to an update:

I failed to mention that my son had a bottle of a single-malt whisky from Islay -- that a good friend had given him for his birthday. So I got a wee dram of that at one stage. And it was exactly the peaty taste that you expect from Islay.

The pedagogue in me comes out even in my cups, however, so I note that Islay is in the Inner Hebrides due west of Glasgow -- hence the famous song about Islay: "Westering home":


Hinchey said...

I agree .

Hinchey said...

I agree on both counts but will not be drinking . Compromises ahead !

Anonymous said...

Both good men. Bannon may be more use to Trump on the outside, where he's got the tools and the freedom to use them. That's my hope, anyway.

As to the likker, I drink either Bourbon or Rye, and occasionally gin. All excellent choices. :-)

L'Chaim, John - to you and your son.


Anonymous said...

So glad I came back before you took this post down (hope you don't). I'd pay to hear him sing (and them play) in public. Very special. A few goosebumps, even.

Thank you!