Monday, August 16, 2021

Health Update

Thanks to immunotherapy, my cancer is in complete remission. There is now no trace of it in me.

It has however knocked me around a lot -- in part because I spent about 4 months largely bedbound.  So my big problem is a lack of energy and vigor generally

So for the immediate future I will be postingto two blogs on each day -- two from a selection of four.  See list below. So if you click all four of my sites, you will will find new content from me each day



minarchist said...

im so happy to hear this, my heart was breaking for you

douglas said...

That is great news, I am very happy for you. It must have seemed like a "new lease on life". Looking forward to continuing reading Dissecting Leftism.

Michael Chandra said...

That's wonderful news, Dr. Ray. Happy to hear you're doing well. Your blogging has been a source of stability for me in these troubled times.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I have been reading your blog for many years now, yet, never left a comment. This time, I would like to leave one. I congratulate you for your effort., your many informative postings have had a profound and enlightening effect on me. If, there is a God, the Almighty will surely look after you. Again, thank you for your wisdom.

Karl said...

Congratulations on your remission.
I've been dealing with a blood cancer for over two years now, and immunotherapy has driven the light chain proteins down to the "normal" level. (And I hope I didn't jinx it by mentioning that right after the latest lab tests!)

I'm quite the fan of 21st Century medicine.
I'm hoping 22nd Century medicine is even more impressive, although if the leftists have their way, 22nd Century medicine could easily wind up being leeches and the doctrine of signatures.