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Researcher’s Latest Stats Suggest Strong Influence of COVID Vax on Excess All-Cause Mortality

In a recent paper uploaded to ResearchGate, author HervĂ© Seligmann argues that data associated with 2021 excess all-cause mortality is most likely attributable to what he describes as the “secondary effects of COVID-19 injections.” While his paper is not peer-reviewed, and thus no claims should be made based on the findings, generally, governments are avoiding their responsibility to systematically look into the topic of excess death causation between 2020, and 2023. Consequently, civil society drives research and media investigations.

Seligmann’s CV shows he earned both his B.Sc. Biology and MSc in Plant Physiology from Hebrew University of Jerusalem; his Ph.D. earned in 1995 also from the same Israeli university focused on “lizard microevolution.” Seligmann doesn’t appear to be a frequent outspoken activist, which caught this media’s attention. We increasingly distrust academics and activists that exclusively make a living off of COVID-related crises, as the risk of interest-induced subjectivity and bias becomes an ever more uncomfortable dynamic.

Most of Seligmann’s publications uploaded to the open-source research repository involve mainly investigations into his core interest of cellular molecular machinery origins, with an emphasis on genetic code.

The author used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National for Health Statistics as well as a 2019 National Vital Statistics Report to access and attempt to analyze deaths and death rates on a state-by-state basis across America. Claiming that when comparing the year 2021 to 2019 there was a total of 613,779 deaths, the academic points out 114,336 deaths comparing 2021 to 2020. See the mortality table from NIH for 2016-2020 and 2020.

The author presents a graph based on the data inputs that need to be peer-reviewed for validation, showing “excess 2021 state-wise all-cause mortality increases proportionally to state-wise VAERS death rates." This is based on the number of COVID-19 vaccination-associated VAERS reports per 100,000 individuals who received at least one dose in that specific state.

In 2021, Seligmann and Spiro Pantazatos uploaded a non-peer-reviewed paper titled “COVID Vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk” that used regional variation in vaccination rates as a basis to predict all-cause mortality and non-COVID deaths in ensuing periods based on two independent, publicly available datasets. In that paper, they said that “Vaccination correlated negatively with mortality 6-20 weeks post-injection, while vaccination predicted all-cause mortality 0-5 weeks post-injection in almost all age groups and with an age-related temporal pattern consistent with the US vaccine rollout.”

Seligman now has an update on that assessment based on the latest numbers. He posits now that based on a series of his calculations (which again need to be vetted by multiple independent reviewers) increase in all-cause death rates based on CDC VAERS data “shows that excess death rates increase 19 times faster than the VAERS death rate.” According to the author, this calculated rate “is very close to 21 times” the estimation done by himself and Pantazatos in 2021.

One challenge using the VAERS database is that the deaths cannot be automatically attributable to the vaccine, even though that’s why the system was established in the first place—safety signal detection/surveillance. But each case must be verified. Some research uses timing as an indicator of the likelihood of causation.

While no evidentiary claims can be made from this latest Seligmann paper as it is, this could change with multiple independent peer reviews by credible academic research sources. This media has tracked reports of excess mortality figures around the world. The most prominent explanation involves the pandemic, and the residual impacts of the crisis, in this case, a pandemic and its direct, secondary and tertiary effects. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a horrific toll on the world.

Some media have shown an interest in probing this matter. For example, the Economist used machine learning algorithms to estimate that anywhere from 16.8 to 28.1 million excess deaths occurred due to all causes since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. All sorts of problems can be derived from the pandemic including the ripple effects of myriad health concerns, put off by the pandemic, which have spiraled since then. Other factors include the widening wealth gap—the social determinants of health in many cases intensified due to pandemic conditions from 2020 to 2023.

But this media has found it quite fascinating how mainstream media and fact-checkers refuse to even consider the obvious possible impacts of the mass emergency countermeasure programs as a potential contributing force to excess deaths. The mainstream summarily dismisses any such questions as merely anti-vax hyperbole.

TrialSite is unapologetically pro-vax and is one of the few if perhaps, the only media that has consistently reported on study data evidencing both the positive and negative elements of the COVID-19 vaccines. This is just called journalism, with a biomedical research focus.

While the reality is that no pathbreaking studies have produced conclusive evidence as to what’s behind all-cause deaths since the pandemic this is in part, due to the fact that governments are generally avoiding any substantial investment to research the matter from the perspective of causation. Itself an interesting, and disturbing trend.

Hence, the importance of such research supported by civil society, that is, the community of citizens linked by common interests and shared activity for the betterment of humankind.


Time to Regulate mRNA Vaccines as Gene Therapies: French Biomedical Scholar

Published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, independent French researcher Helene Banoun, Ph.D. asks the question: Why are the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines not regulated as gene therapies? TrialSite has reported that technically, at least according to the vaccine manufacturers’ investor disclosures, the products are in fact, a form of gene therapy.

But these investigational products—now licensed, were developed in an unprecedented manner under heretofore not considered regulatory, environmental and political conditions given the state and nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Banoun, a Ph.D. at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research/INSERM recently raised profound regulatory issues involving the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in “mRNA: Vaccine or Gene Therapy? The Safety Regulatory Issues.” The French researcher frames the real challenge in the context that at the time of the release of these products “no specific regulations existed.” But now with the passing of the COVID-19 emergency, isn’t it time to reconsider not only the regulations of this class of product but also the true safety considerations?

According to various stances from apex research institutes, regulators and public health authorities, the mRNA vaccines are not gene therapies as biased fact checker after fact checker “busts the myth” that the mRNA products are gene therapies. The argument goes that with the mRNA vaccines, because the mRNA itself doesn’t enter the cell nucleus or for that matter, interact with the DNA whatsoever, these products fail to meet the gene therapy test.

However, as TrialSite has reported, in fact, the mRNA vaccines are very much considered gene therapies when reviewing Moderna’s own investor disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission, for example. See “Are mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines a Form of Gene Therapy? Yes, According to a Bayer Pharma Exec & Moderna.”

Dr. Banoun also concurs, declaring in her latest paper, “The mode of action of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines should classify them as gene therapy products (GTPs), but they have been excluded by regulatory agencies.”

But the French scholar’s concerns with the vaccines rise well above baseline concerns of definition, as she points to a regulatory track record of “non-compliant results in terms of purity, quality and batch homogeneity.”

It’s as if every validation talking point from the vaccine companies themselves, to regulators poses an ideal story of what the vaccines are supposed to be, yet the reality on the ground portends a troubling direction. Did the spike protein remain stable and localized like industry and authorities declared they would do? No, as persistent biodistribution of mRNAs and their protein products, like the spike protein, turn out to travel to every organ and cell in the body, often many months after the vaccination event.

Does this wandering spike protein threaten human health? While industry, regulators and public health agencies declare a resounding no. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. TrialSite has accumulated dozens of studies in peer-review journals evidencing a spike protein capable of inducing inflammation and more, and likely at least somehow a factor in post-COVID-19 vaccine adverse events. Of course, more research and data are necessary for conclusive understanding, but who and what will finance the research needed? What happens if the very entities that are supposed to police and regulate need policing and monitoring themselves?

Dr. Banoun’s concerns are not necessarily conclusively proven, but nonetheless valid. “Post-marketing studies have shown that mRNA passes into breast milk and could have adverse effects on breastfed babies. Long-term expression, integration into the genome, transmission to the germline, passage into sperm, embryo/fetal and perinatal toxicity, genotoxicity and tumorigenicity should be studied in light of the adverse events reported in pharmacovigilance databases.”

While a collection of anti-vaxxers, medical freedom fighters and libertarian types pounce on COVID-19 as a cause immediately promote the scary concept of vaccine shedding, and TrialSite has, on a handful of occasions, scanned the literature for any scientific validity, Banoun raises the specter that such a phenomenon must be evaluated. As well, she argues, “in-depth vaccinovigliance” all as part of a series of expectations civil society will demand of the industry, regulators and public health agencies for any future mRNA-based products.


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