Friday, September 26, 2003


Great! I have top billing on Front Page Magazine today with my article pointing out that Hitler's inspiration for his eugenics came from the LEFTISTS of his day. And the article has already attracted a huge volume of comments.

Good to see that Arnie did well in the debate. He’s a smart man to change careers so easily.

Good to see that India is now going ahead at a great rate now that they have virtually abandoned socialism.

George Will defends a tax increase. Maybe he has a point -- but only if you think government has to provide "services".

"American workers are changing lifestyle habits to keep the doctor away in light of increasing health care costs" Odd, that! Socialized medicine offers no such incentives towards prevention.

Omen for General Clark's Presidential bid? A General senior to Clark says he would not vote for Clark -- noting that Clark's early departure from his European command was because of "character issues". The Democrats sure can pick 'em!

Conservative Truth has a useful summary of what the "Nine Dwarfs" (Democrat Presidential contenders) are saying -- or not saying.

Australian/American blogger James Morrow, formerly of "The Weekly James" is now The Daily James.

The Wicked one lists some of the loopy things that the U.S. taxpayer is paying for.

An accusation that psychologists love to make about conservatives is that they are "intolerant of ambiguity". My latest academic upload here (or here) however is one occasion where I managed to turn the tables -- showing that psychologists themselves are intolerant of ambiguity.


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