Tuesday, September 23, 2003


That wonderful public education: “There are, of course, many reasons why so many students can't qualify for college. Most of them never get the cultural support to overcome the general debasement of public education. Nobody knows this better than the teachers, which is why so many public-school teachers send their kids to private schools.”

An unequal distribution -- of capitalism "Twenty percent of the world's population (we often hear) consumes more than 80 percent of the earth's resources, while the other 80 percent consume less than 20 percent. Critics of globalization never tire of reminding us of this injustice. Far less often do we hear a proper analysis of the reason for this state of affairs."

I always get a laugh out of the lugubrious Leftist who runs the “Tugboat” blog -- which is why I keep him on my blogroll on the left of this page. I have shown how his past attempts to criticize my arguments founder on simple logic so now he is reduced to abuse. He refers to this site as “John Ray's on-line clearing house for batty ideas”. Amusing. He also makes a mess of using a French term of abuse for Germans. He confuses “Bosch” (a German electrical firm) with “Boche” -- a French abbreviation of “caboche” -- meaning “cabbage”. A common English term for Germans -- “Kraut” -- also means “cabbage” (in German). I guess Germans do eat a lot of Sauerkraut (sour cabbage).

In my latest academic upload here (or here) I offer a catalog of all the tests that psychologists have used to measure materialistic ambition.


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