Thursday, September 04, 2003


What would you think of someone who wrote a book called “They F*** You Up - How to survive family life”? A pretty sad soul? Oliver James did write such a book and he is indeed a sad soul. His psychobabble account of the personality of George Bush is filled with similar attempts to find evil in ordinary life. You would never guess that GWB is a good-humoured Christian and a political moderate from what our Oliver says. To Oliver, GWB has “extreme, fanatical beliefs”.

Like many Freudian theorizers, Oliver has little time for proof of his theories. He bases his account of GWB’s personality on the “Authoritarian Personality” theory of the Freudian Marxists (what a combination!) led by Theodor Wiesengrund (a.k.a. Adorno). That this theory has been shown to be wrong in almost every aspect of it that has ever been tested is no bother to either a Freudian or a Leftist, of course, and Oliver seems to be both.

Natalie Solent has been having fun with poor Oliver too.


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