Saturday, September 06, 2003


How to Save the World is the name of a relatively recent Leftist blog. The very name encapsulates the vast ego needs of the typical Leftist intellectual. He needs to be a world-saving hero. And what are the ways this one plans to save the world? Take a look at his trite “ideas” on education for instance: “The 'teacher's' role in all of this is facilitation, not instruction”. So he does not want teachers to teach! No wonder the kids learn so little in school off their Left-leaning teachers these days!

In his desperation to have something to say that seems marginally different he is just trotting out hoary old “progressive” education ideas that never stop being tried somewhere and which always self-destruct after a few years -- Bertrand Russell’s “Beacon Hill” school of the 1920s being just one example of such failure. But Leftists rarely know much history. They can’t afford to. It makes such asses of them.

I myself taught in a “progressive” school once so I saw it all close up. The kids who had self-discipline or some pressure from home did OK but the other half mostly played cards and learnt nothing.


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