Wednesday, October 15, 2003


The late Jim Cairns was no friend of liberty. Jim Cairns is dead. Nevertheless, the man who supported every rotten communist regime you can think of is being painted by his political mates and leftwing media admirers as a friend of liberty.
Did the Wilsons setup Bush? The media frenzy over the alleged outing of Valerie Plame, a CIA employee, could be taking a new turn. Circumstantial evidence now suggests that Plame and her hubby, Joe Wilson, are not only using the incident to embarrass the Bush administration but they planned to embarrass it some time ago.
Schwarznegger and the hypocrisy of the Australian press. The scorn that the Australian media poured on Schwarznegger and the speed at which they repeated every accusation and vicious piece of gossip that would blacken his name has had the salutary effect of revealing just how hypocritical, prejudiced, dishonest and morally bankrupt many of our journalists are.
Green lies and nuclear energy. Greens are lying about the so-called dangers of nuclear energy.
Supermarkets are still super: defending supermarkets. Since the 1920s the size of firms has caused much confusion in neo-classical economics, giving birth to the myth that competition means plenty of firms selling the same product in the same market.

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