Wednesday, October 15, 2003


“Historical revisionism” is a term usually applied to attempts to portray Hitler as a broadly normal German leader and to question the extent of his crimes. Leftists try to gain kudos for themselves by frothing at the mouth over such attempts. But they in fact are the biggest revisionists of all -- as Peter Hitchens notes. He is rightly horrified that the true history of Britain is not now being taught in British schools:

"A schools video produced last year on the Forties barely gives a walk-on part to Winston Churchill, a man who is being steadily written out of modern history because he does not fit the fashionable myth that the Tories sympathised with the Nazis and the Left were the only people who opposed Hitler....

LABOUR'S role in the rise of Hitler was to consistently vote against the rearmament measures which narrowly saved this country from slavery in 1940. Stalin's insane orders to the German Communist Party, to refuse to co-operate with the Social Democrats, virtually ensured the Nazis would come to power in 1933.

This would be mirrored, six years later, in the joint victory parade staged by Nazi and Red Army troops in the then-Polish city of Brest, and the efficient supply of Soviet oil to Germany which fuelled the Nazi Blitzkrieg and the bombers which tore the heart out of London.

But millions of supposedly educated people know nothing of this, and are unaware that the one country which behaved with honour and courage when the fate of the world was being decided was Britain."


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