Friday, March 26, 2004


People sometimes forget that the United States has been to war against Muslim terrorism once before -- not long after the USA became a nation. The terrorists concerned were the Barbary pirates of North Africa and on that occasion too, the USA had to act with only sporadic help from Europe. And also then appeasement just led to more demands and more attacks so that it was only force of arms that won peace and freedom from attacks. See here and here

Beat this! Appeasement doesn't work -- deterrence does: "A group of 70 Palestinian intellectuals and officials urged restraint on Thursday over Israel's killing of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin, calling for peaceful protests instead of bloody revenge."

There is a good short article here about the double standards applied to Israel in its fight against Islamic terrorism. OK to kill Osama & Co. but not OK to kill their Palestinian equivalents?

A very sober warning here of the likely dreadful consequences of the Spanish appeasement: More bombs for Europe.

Gefen says: "Watching the parade of hypocrisy, racism, lies, and abject cowardice spewing forth from Europe over the execution of Hamas murderer Yassin has led me to only one conclusion: Europe is our enemy. The enemy of Israel, the enemy of the United States, the enemy of civilization itself. Its weakness and moral/spiritual bankruptcy threatens the lives and freedom of every one of us. It has become a continent of collaborators with terror and political evil".


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