Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I personally don't think that what homosexuals do among themselves matters a hill of beans one way or the other but nobody (Left or Right) seems to agree with me so here are some of the more interesting recent comments:

"Newsweekly" (Catholic conservative publication) on same sex marriage... "Until recently, laws in every country throughout the world recognised marriage as a legally enforceable agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Marriage changes the status of those who enter into it: it is an exclusive and enduring contract which requires the husband and wife to pledge fidelity to each other, and to care for each other and their children. On this foundation, marriage is regarded as the basis of the family unit, necessary to protect the position of children, and ultimately, important to the stability of society. With the best will in the world, none of these conditions apply to homosexual couples."

Osama & Co. can't stop Saudi Arabia's homosexuals: "Jeddah's malls have become meeting places for another group: homosexuals. Gay Saudi men now cruise certain malls and supermarkets, openly making passes at each other"

"Nationalizing marriage laws will only grant more power over our lives to the federal government, even if for supposedly conservative ends. A far better approach is for Congress to exercise its existing constitutional power to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts."

"Marriage is a fundamental human right. For many of us, and our churches, it is a holy act; in some religions even a sacrament. These two facts point to the only decent American solution to the gay marriage controversy. Marriage belongs in church, not in the courthouse or the legislature.


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