Monday, March 08, 2004


A very small meditation

Although any idea of "God" ceased to be meaningful to me over 40 years ago, I have never abandoned Christian ethics. I don't claim to be any Abou Ben Adhem but I have always found that if I do the "Christian" (kind, helpful, forgiving, generous etc.) thing, I get a reward for it -- usually quickly and it is often a substantial reward. For me, Christian ethics work. They work so well that I do well understand how Christians would see in such things the hand of their God. I myself see such rewards as evidence that Christ was a very wise teacher who had an understanding of human psychology that is still better than what most modern professional psychologists have.

An instance of how Christian ways have worked for me is one most readers of this blog will know by now. When Keith Burgess-Jackson had just started his blog, I read it and noted with pleasure the philosophical clarity of his writing (Anglo-Saxon philosophy aims to clarify; Continental philosophy aims to obfuscate). When I therefore also noted that he was having trouble with his template, I immediately offered to help and was able to do so. As a result Keith was very appreciative and has always since been quick to link to my postings -- and I of course also link back to his. So we have been able to steer our respective readers to one another -- which some readers at least appreciate. So my initial Christian deed (which took me only a couple of hours) has benefited Keith, me and our respective readers! Beat that for an ethical system that works!

As an aside, it is perfectly consistent with Keith's energetic and extraverted style (a style I enjoy greatly) that he posts up some of the congratulatory emails that he receives. But I would never be able to do that. Perhaps it is my traditional British reserve. I only post on this blog emails that address some topic that I think has general interest. I do in fact receive congratulatory emails all the time and every one of them is greatly appreciated so I hope my readers understand my reserve about posting any of them.



Homosexual marriage and incest: the time has come If homosexual marriage is recognised then Ferdinandsen must be freed and his incestuous relationship with his daughter recognised as a legitimate marriage, and their defiance of the law treated as an act of civil disobedience that advanced the cause of civil rights.
US economy and recession: theory and counter theory Although the causes of the recession are still being hotly debated, with some focusing their attention on monetary factors, the overwhelming number of commentators still haven't got it right.
Homosexual marriage and judicial tyranny join hands When we look at what is really happening regarding homosexual marriage we see that Bush had little choice. Bullying Democratic judges forced the issue when they wilfully exceeded their authority and turned the issue into a battle for the rule of law.
Bunny chats with Saddam and then joins Hillary on the Jerry Springer Show Bunny relates how President Bush called on him to help with Saddam. As if that was not enough for our hero, he found himself sharing the sheets, as well as Jerry Springer's stage, with her Royal Highness Princess Hillary.
Forgetting the economic lessons of history It's necessary to resort to economic history if mistaken economic policies are to be avoided. But in order to do this successfully policy makers, or at least their advisers, should have an understanding of the economic forces at work.
Hong Kong's freedom virus causes pain in Beijing If the men in Beijing are wise, they will accommodate themselves to what is unfolding before them and embrace it. To do otherwise could bring an enormous amount of misery to hundreds of millions. And China has already suffered enough this century.
Mao's aura can't help CCP bosses Nearly three decades after his death, Mao Tse-tung's tarnished halo is being polished by Chinese Communist Party leaders and their critics alike, albeit for different reasons.

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