Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Econot has some good postings up at the momnent. The mass transit one is particularly interesting. Some headings:
* Cash & Kerry: Which major funder of green and leftist causes launders money from John Kerry's wife into his campaign efforts -- including those protests by "9/11 families" against Bush's campaign commercials?
* The deadly threat to koala bears -- from animal rights activists!
* Mass transit = death by environmentalism?
* Oceana's hypocrisy -- It seems some "corporate interests" are more equal than others.
* Which green group's campaign director watched Jaws -- and sympathized with the shark?

"The Green Revolution in agriculture (mainly the introduction of hardier and higher-yielding rice varieties bred by Western scientists) has to be seen as one of the great achievements of our time. It has been the driving force behind the spectacular increases in global food supply over the last half century. " No wonder the 'Greenies' have made it a "villain of choice"

Thomas Sowell, a former Nader fan, says Ralph is unsafe at any speed: Starting his public career Nader "...denounced the Corvair in particular and blamed "engineering and management operations within General Motors" which led to such an unsafe vehicle...Years later, extensive government tests showed that the Corvair's safety was comparable to that of similar cars of its era. But, by then, the Corvair was extinct - killed off by the crusade that earned Nader a place as a kind of secular saint in the media."

Very encouraging to see the headline No future in Kyoto protocol on an article in Australia's national newspaper. The writer points out the inaccuracy of the methods used to estimate global warming effects by the IPCC (the United Nations body that is the chief support for global warming theory).

Globalization and life expectancy: "Some critics claim that globalization impoverishes...(yet) people in the more global countries tend to live the longest. The same holds true when only developing countries are examined"


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