Saturday, March 20, 2004


They want us all to get AIDS: "Quebec's largest school board has voted to cancel Hema Quebec's annual blood drive at its Montreal offices and will remain in effect until the blood agency changes its policy of excluding gay male donors."

Following my post on IQ yesterday, a reader alerted me to a recent study at Duke university which found that the learning ability of rats was much enhanced if their mothers were fed extra choline while they were in the womb. The inference is that human IQ could be increased by early nutritional supplementation too. Eysenck did a study about 15 years ago which showed that feeding babies and young children extra amounts of key nutrients could increase IQ by about 5 points -- not dramatic but worthwhile. So I would expect the same from this procedure. Choline is a very common component in foods that most people eat regularly, however, so the benefit might be confined to people with particularly abnormal diets.

In the Vietnam war many so-called "peace" activists really wanted their country to be defeated. Their anything-but-peaceful behaviour showed that. Mike Tremoglie points out that at least some "peace" activists today are similarly motivated. Hate is their motive, not peace.

VD Hanson and some myths of Iraq war, a year on: "It has now been almost a year since the liberation of Iraq, the fury of the antiwar rallies, and the publicized hectoring of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Sean Penn, and other assorted conspiracy freaks - and we have enough evidence to lay some of their myths to rest. I just filled up and paid $2.19 a gallon. How can that be, when the war was undertaken to help us get our hands on "cheap" oil? Where is the mythical Afghan pipeline when we need it?"

Mark Steyn on terrorism in Madrid: "In his penultimate public appearance, the late Osama bin Laden, broadcasting from his cave in the early hours of the Afghan campaign, listed among his principal grievances "the tragedy of Andalusia" - that is, the end of Muslim rule in Spain in 1492. That's 512 years ago"

The wicked one has a lot of good stuff up at the moment -- including some wisdom from Charles Schultz -- creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip and Charlie Brown.

My latest recipe is for Frittata -- the ultimate Spanish omelette. See here.


The Left have always wanted more spent on welfare and made "Fascism" a swear-word. President Bush deposed a brutal Fascist dictator and sponsored a big expansion of welfare. But instead of being admired by the Left, he is hated with a passion. What does that tell you about the Left? It tells you that they have no principles at all: That everything they have ever claimed to stand for is fake.

Three more examples of Leftist dishonesty: They blame the 9/11 attacks on "poverty" in the Islamic world. Yet most of the attackers were Saudis and Saudi Arabia is one of the world's richest countries! They also say that they oppose racism yet support "affirmative action" -- which judges people by the colour of their skin! They say that they care about "the poor" but how often do you hear them calling for the one thing that would bring about a worldwide economic boom in poor countries -- the USA and the EU abandoning their agricultural protectionism? Leftists obviously care more about conservative farmers than they do about the poor!

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