Saturday, March 20, 2004


Samuel Huntington has made a strong case against policies that would increase the rate of Hispanic immigration into the US -- largely on the grounds that the "melting pot" is no longer "melting". There is however some evidence that Hispanic immigrants have in fact been assimilating steadily into American society.

Pro-immigration: America's melting pot is still bubbling... "Some 1.3 million immigrants, legal and illegal, are arriving each year. One in nine U.S. residents began life in another country; the total foreign-born population now exceeds 33 million - more immigrants than people in all of Canada." The author argues that concerns about assimilation go back a long way but all have been shown as misplaced. But the political and social environment of today is very different from that of the past so past precedents may be a poor guide today.

Anti-immigration: Peter Hitchens tells why New Labour wants to turn Britain into a multicultural nowhereland

More on the British government's underhand attempts to INCREASE the intake of unqualified immigrants here and here


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