Thursday, April 08, 2004


Getting it right on recessions and the 'wealth effect' If anyone wants the real explanation for our housing boom they need look no further than the Reserve Bank of Australia's monetary aggregates that show M1 rising from 81,943 in January 1996 to 162,135 in January 2004.
They Kill Only Jews It's illogical to try and negotiate with a culture of people who, in large part, have become 'killing machines.' At the very least, they believe in a creed of evil and death.
Bunny Champers takes on Professor Krugman over terrorism During the whole ten years of Clinton's presidency Wankerman -- or is it Krugman -- never once attacked Clinton for not tackling bin Laden, Saddam or the Taliban, despite the number of terrorist attacks against the US.
Reporter does hit job on Condi Rice The leftwing Marian Wilkinson, Washington correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald (aka The Saddam Times), has dropped any pretence at objectivity to become a media mouthpiece for the Democrats.
Washington Post lefties try to stitch up Condi Rice Leftwing journalists are worse than hyenas when they think they smell Republican blood. Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus of the Washington Post wrote as if there was something unusual if not sinister in Condi Rice's refusal to testify in front of the 9/11 commission.
Pincus and Milbank: the low-down on two Washington Post Bush-hating reporters During the Clinton years walter Pincus was consider to a mouthpiece for NSA adviser Sandy Berger who was also a former China lobbyist. Pincus' was wife also a Clinton Administration official. On two occasions Pincus was given time off by the Washington Post to work for J. W. Fulbright.

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