Monday, April 05, 2004


Both Biddle in The American Spectator and Peter Brimelow comment on the big split within the ranks of the Greenie "Sierra Club". It is the "Old Guard" -- essentially old socialists just looking for another way of pushing people around -- versus deep-green environmentalists. The big divide between them is over immigration. The deep-green environmentalists oppose immigration on their usual anti-people grounds while the old guard see immigrants as potential victims for them to "support". Australian "Green" politicians seem to be like the Sierra "Old Guard". They get involved with a lot more than the environment. They are at least as anti-American and anti-capitalist as pro-environment. The Australian Greens, for example, opposed the Australian government's moves to halt illegal immigration whilst embracing multiculturalism and a holy war against all forms of racism real and imagined. How on earth they imagine they could run any kind of population policy with open borders is a mystery. Of course when you realise that they are more interested in social control and increasing state power than actually improving environmental quality, the paradox disappears.

This article by the courageous Michael Fumento reminds us all how bad the AIDS scare was for many years. Millions of American heterosexual deaths were predicted. It is obvious to all who know anything at all about it now that widespread AIDS among heterosexuals just did not happen, but Fumento said the scare was a hoax in 1987! -- based simply on looking at the basic science of the matter. The parallels with the scare over global warming are extensive and instructive -- particularly the way both the media and the scientists directly involved profit from such scares.

Here's another report from Fumento: The Peruvian government had a huge silver, lead and zinc mine that was injecting huge amounts of dangerous pollutants into the environment (just like similar operations in the old Soviet bloc). Things got so bad that Peruvian government gave up and sold the mine to a private mining American company -- who promptly reduced the pollution enormously. So who are the Greenies now harassing over the mine's pollution? I don't need to tell you.

Biodiversity: The decline of British butterflies does not put us on the brink of a man-made mass extinction: "Thomas also told me that there had been much debate between the nine authors of the paper about the interpretation of their findings... In its concern about preserving the 'natural' world, the biodiversity agenda stigmatises human activity. The natural is valued indiscriminately, almost religiously... The diversity of species has never been richer than during the relatively brief period that humans have been around".


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