Sunday, July 04, 2004

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There is an extended discussion on Evangelical Outpost about the connection between Fascism and homosexuality -- which I mentioned briefly on 2nd. One quote: "We are often blinded by the stereotype of the effeminate gay man to see that homosexuality is at its core a form of self-worship. Rejecting - whether because of genetics or behavior - the natural complementarity of the male/female sexual union, homosexual men develop an idealization of the masculine. The veneration of such masculine traits as power and domination inevitably leads to the development of fantasies in which these characteristics are able to be expressed. It shouldn't surprise us, then, to find these fantasies of sexual mastery being played out, whether in the bedroom as sadomasochistic sex or in the nation-state as fascism".

The contributors are a bit confused about what Fascism is. They point out -- rightly -- that Dutch homosexual nationalist Pim Fortuyn was generally Leftist. So they argue that he was not a Fascist. But ALL the Fascists were Leftists. Fascism is the Leftist form of nationalism, and a very extreme and aggressive form it generally is -- given the typical amorality and psychopathic tendencies of Leftists. The confusion arises because the Left has always been split between the nationalists and the internationalists and the internationalists very much have the upper hand these days. But Leftist nationalists are of course as old as the original Fascist -- Napoleon Bonaparte. For more on Napoleon see here.

Another confusion is over the fact that the Nazis also persecuted homosexuals. Yet that also is typically Leftist. Leftists are chronic haters (see here, here and here) and they are quite prone to hating one-another -- as the ice-pick in the head that Leon Trotsky got courtesy of Joseph Stalin attests. I also think that the much decried Scott Lively has a point. Like everybody else, he notes that homosexuals are divided into the effeminate and the butch types and says that the Nazi persecution of homosexuals was largely the work of butch homosexuals despising the effeminate ones. He says that it was largely the effeminate ones who went to the gas chambers.


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