Friday, July 09, 2004


China's militarists humiliated by President Bush's resolve In response to Beijing's mounting threats against Taiwan President Bush ordered seven Carrier Strike Groups into the region
The Party of Lincoln vs the Democrats' hate machine What is truly depressing about the Democrats is not their relentless partisanship; after all, partisanship is integral to politics. No, it is their simmering hatred and total absence of common decency
Helen Caldicott and the Soviet connection Helen Caldicott refuses to fade away. Last Thursday 'SBS' broadcast a documentary about this old Sovietphile called Helen's War: Portrait of a Dissident
Why oil prices won't spark massive inflation Some people are being panicked by investment advisers warning them that current oil prices are a harbinger of massive inflation. They're wrong
Is Mark Latham fit to be Prime Minister? Mark Latham and his press handlers are pretty busy at the moment trying to put a favourable spin the story that Latham sucker-punched at a much older man
Monica Lewinsky slimed by Bill Clinton - with a little help from the media Monica Lewinsky's shock at discovering that Bill Clinton thinks she is "disgusting" seems to have had a sobering though somewhat belated effect on her

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