Sunday, August 29, 2004


Oversimplifications and conventional thinking always get my teeth on edge and the way past deeds of American Democrat Presidents get blamed on America as a whole constantly amazes me. But the reason why that happens is plain: Leftist historians and intellectuals generally are the ones who write history and they have done a pretty good job of conning a lot of people. Take the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atrocities -- the doing of a DEMOCRAT President (Truman). Japan was thoroughly stuffed by that stage without even control over its own airspace so there was absolutely no need to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent and defenceless men women and children in those two cities. Flattening the Imperial palace in Tokyo would have been infinitely more merciful and equally demoralizing to the Japanese (who thought the Emperor was divine). And if that didn't suffice, a simple blockade would soon have sent Japan back to the stone age and thus made it no danger to anyone. Japan had to import almost all its raw materials (including oil) so preventing any ships from entering or leaving Japanese ports would have caused a very rapid collapse. So all Truman did was show what a callous Leftist ba****d he was.

And who was it who got America into Vietnam? The DEMOCRAT President Kennedy. And who escalated the Vietnam war and totally bungled it? The DEMOCRAT President Johnson. And who got America out of Vietnam? The REPUBLICAN President Nixon. And who ended the Cold War? The REPUBLICAN President Reagan. Conservatives have nothing to apologize for in the above. But it does give them good reason to campaign against Democrat Presidents.

And there is a good historical article here written in March 2003 which points out that it was actually J.F. Kennedy who set up Saddam Hussein in power. Its final sentence has proved prophetic: "If a new war in Iraq seems fraught with danger and uncertainty, just wait for the peace".

I could go on but I will leave it at that.


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