Saturday, September 04, 2004


Lucky I am an atheist or that is what I would think of it

There is a good article here on how the sexual frustration brought on by the primitive nature of Islam and Islamic societies is a major force behind Muslim hatred of the much more liberated West. And Randall Parker points out that the Islamic practice of polygamy is a big boost to sexual frustration. And this report says that the Unabomber, an American home-grown terrorist, was also driven by sexual frustration.

There is a remarkable site here run by ex-Muslims that pulls no punches about the evil inherent in Islam.

A paranoid culture: "Anyone who follows the developments in the Arab Islamic world will be struck by the complete absence of self-knowledge and introspection that characterizes these vexed cultures. Almost every problem is attributed to hostile external forces. The poverty and underdevelopment that plague most of the Arab world are the result of malicious machinations of Americans and Jews... Satan, devils and spirits are not just symbols. They are actual living phenomena in Islam. The notion of conspiracy is an essential aspect of modern Muslim religious philosophy and of Islamic world history".

The Netherlands have a black female and former Muslim as a member of Parliament who is not afraid to tell the truth about Islam: "Low-level fatwas - or death edicts - have been raining down since she attacked Islam as a medieval, misogynist cult incapable of self-criticism and blind to modern science."

But there is hope: "Today, Ahmad Al-Jarallah, editor of the Kuwaiti Daily Al-Siyassa and the Arab Times wrote an article in support of President Bush. The following is the article: "We are with President Bush who has said, 'I am the man who makes history.' Who, other than President Bush, can launch a war against terrorism? Who else will come to the rescue of people suppressed by dictators? Who else was there to build and develop nations? And above all who made democracy the new international system for all the people in this world?....""


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