Monday, August 09, 2004


As regular readers of this blog will mostly have noted by now, I have recently started a fourth blog -- called GUN WATCH. I thought I should explain such a major eccentricity. I think only Randall Parker rivals me for the number of active blogs he has.

I am actually not greatly interested in guns (though I am a reasonable shot and enjoyed the weapons-training in the Army). My brother Christopher is gun enthusiast enough for both of us. But what is happening in Britain does give cause for alarm to anyone in any place where crime is common. People there have now been totally disarmed and have no effective defence against violent criminals at all. And just about all that the British police do about it -- according to one who should know -- is "take statements and fill in forms in the Police Station". And gun crime has risen greatly in Britain since the post-Dunblane restrictions on gun ownership -- exactly the opposite of what the law was supposed to achieve. And the U.S. Left is always threatening and sometimes defeats the constitutional protections on gun ownership that Americans are so fortunate to have. So I have decided to bring together in one place the various gun-related stories that come my way. My brother Christopher and his local gun-owner friends will also be sending me stuff for posting. I already have a fair bit lined up so there is no doubt that I will be posting daily on the subject.


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