Sunday, August 08, 2004


"When my younger sister died at 59, and when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had new cause to curse junk science. If the money spent "proving" that more substances "cause" cancer had gone, instead, to treatment research, we would probably have a combination of earlier diagnostics and medication that would relegate cancer to being just bothersome. And I curse Carl Sagan because he went to the Dark Side of the scientific lie for a good cause. Atmospheric scientists twisted by the "Nuclear Winter" theories of the Cold War got the alarmist habit and so easily went into the new ice-age and global warming scenarios to shake loose grant money."

"As an architectural project manager, I face the silliness of committees and regulators daily. It is a silliness which goes beyond misguided good intentions. It stifles progress, costs clients inordinately, and quite frequently scares them out of building the housing and other facilities that people need and want to make their lives better. No tax-credit, warm-fuzzy, or "affordable housing incentive" could ever make up for the meddling by these people who have no care about, or personal stake in, what the people standing in front of them say they need. After all, what sort of incentive is a tax-credit other than a little *less* extortion?"

In response to my post about low Leftist IQ: "Just look to Hollywood to see Low IQ leftists. It doesn't take much in the way of brains to read a script created by someone else (the real brains in Hollywood are the producers and writers, not the actors). For example - many don't believe Sean Penn should get an Academy Award for playing himself; likewise for Jack Nicholson."

A bit of interesting gossip about the authors of David's Medienkritik: "David Kaspar is the German half of the dynamic duo and enlisted American Ray D. to help him with translation. Ray has Lived in Nuremberg for five years. When he moved there he didn't pay much attention to politics, but the distortions and public pandering of the press drove him mad with anger. He reads and watches the media to write about it, but often finds that he can't because it's SO bad that it makes him physically ill".


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