Thursday, September 23, 2004


First, the propaganda: "Life, liberals believe, is meant to be pleasurable, God is forgiving if He exists at all, and it's important to think about others' feelings and motivations as well as your own. You might not like the idea of abortion, but it is important to allow people who believe differently to make their own choice.... Liberals are mannered, sensitive, armed with intellectual cynicism, self-critical, eager to learn from other cultures, wanting there to be no pain in the world"

I really loved those mannered, sensitive "liberals" demonstrating outside the GOP convention and elsewhere! And only SOME choices seem to be allowed: There's a definite Leftist NO to school choice! And since when did Leftists show concern for the feelings of the conservative students they regularly give a hard time to on America's campuses?

And here is another example of those wonderful Leftist manners: Pro-Kerry goons tearing up a little girl's sign

It is in fact a general tendency of Leftists to feel free to destroy the property of conservatives. I posted on that recently. Another good example is the way Leftists have just attacked and destroyed Mike Jericho's new site -- because he was foolish enough to trust them. Leftists have a primitive "tribal" morality. If you are not "one of us", you are fair game. Sophisticated and "eager to learn" they are not.

No wonder Leftists romanticize the primitive: "There are several things to be said about this worship of the primitive. First, it is absolutely illegitimate to do, as Polanyi does, and infer the history of pre-Western civilization from analysis of existing primitive tribes. Let us never forget that the existing primitive tribes are precisely the ones that didn't progress -- that remained in their primitive state. To infer from observing them that this is the way our ancestors behaved is nonsense -- and apt to be the reverse of the truth, for our ancestors presumably behaved in ways which quickly advanced them beyond the primitive stage thousands of years ago."


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