Monday, September 20, 2004


From an Australian reader: "Since arriving in Melbourne yesterday from bomb-scarred Jakarta, I've had an interesting re-introduction to Australian politics by my first three taxi drivers: (1) From the airport I was told by my (Punjabi-born) driver that the "Russian Jew" who owned his taxi was only interested in money and, in some connection, Israel had manipulated the USA, UK and Australia into invading Iraq; (2) From my apartment to office, my (Turkish-born) driver argued that the secular state had no future . not in Turkey, not in Australia, nowhere!; and (3) Returning from the office, my (Iranian-born) driver criticised John Howard's government for oppressing the poor people in Australia (various reasons) and saw no difference between federal and [ALP] state taxation as all governments are being manipulated by a secret elite. No doubt these views are in no way representative of Melbourne's cabbies but I am sure I've not previously experienced them so forcefully aired in Australia."

From an American reader: "Isn't it strange that the Left only seems to condemn John Ashcroft to be the Attorny General, but they never seem to condemn Reno for obstructing individual rights? What about cases to which the FBI under Reno committed such harsh tactics that resulted in civilian death like those of Ruby Ridge and Waco? Now I know that just because Reno made those tactics happen doesn't make people like Weaver or the cult in Waco a bunch of saints. Perhaps if Reno took a different approach other than using tanks or using FBI snipers, the results might have been different. Reno was also involved in forcibly taking Elian Gonzelez from his home in Florida. Why couldn't his family from America be allowed to adopt the child? The Left has the nerve to claim that Ashcroft is a danger to America and never seem to condemn any of Reno's tactics that were used in these cases. Gee, Ashcroft really sounds like a dangerous Attorney General to me -- Not. Under Ashcroft, none of these types of scenarios have ever happened. All Ashcroft ever did was look into if there were any terror sleeper cells. And all of a sudden the ACLU and other groups like that are pounding on him. Yet they never pounded on Reno for her unlawful tactics. The Left certainly favors fascist tactics, at least when it's one of their own up in a high place in the government."

And an email from a Leftist. I got one of the usual sort of leftist hate-mails from a Kerry fan called Suzee, to which I replied: "Only a hate-filled person would send such an email to someone they did not know. Try Valium" She replied: "Hmmm, valium is used to treat anxiety - not anger. Seems - your website was filled with a lot of hate and anger towards a man you obviously know nothing about. I'm not angry - just surprised at how stupid people can be. And when you create a factless website for anyone, on the Net to view you leave yourself open for criticism. The scary thing is, your probably a registered voter. They really should revoke voting privileges for those who can't pass a competency test or for those who can't answer a multiple choice test, showing they know all the facts about each candidate." Note the elitist dislike of democracy that is so typical of the Left: "They really should revoke voting privileges for those who can't pass a competency test". And someone who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're" thinks she is competent? Typical Leftist ignorance, more like it. The worst sort of ignorance, in fact: Ignorance that thinks it is competent. And her assumption that I am a registered voter is amusing too. If she had really looked at my site, she would have soon noticed that I am an Australian! Or perhaps she thinks Australians can vote in U.S. elections! All in all, I think she gives quite a good demonstration of Leftist "competence".


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