Friday, October 08, 2004


Leftist journalist spins like a top: "George W.Bush is now under pressure to match the debating prowess of his running mate Dick Cheney, who delivered a strong performance in a tough encounter with Democrat vice-presidential candidate John Edwards in Cleveland, Ohio, last night." So a clear Cheney win gets reported not as a win but as a problem!

I see that Keith Burgess-Jackson is threatening to write an article called "Why I am not a libertarian". I hope he mentions that there are many versions of libertarianism. Only the anarcho-capitalists -- with their desire for no state at all -- have a really definite creed but most libertarians are minimal-statists -- who want a sort of "night watchman" state. But what individual libertarians include in that minimal state is infinitely various. So a very inclusive libertarian and a very minimalist conservative could be the same thing -- which I am -- which is why I call myself a libertarian conservative. Note that Reagan said that libertarianism is the heart of conservatism -- and as the most loved conservative of the 20th century, he has some claim to authority on the matter. The thing that I add to libertarian thinking which makes me conservative is a skepticism about human wisdom and benevolence -- which in turn gives me a Burkean respect for the social systems that have evolved over time -- not particulary a respect for the ancestors but a respect for what has been shown to work well. I think Britain in the year 1900 would be close to my definition of the ideal minimal state. See my post of 5th. about that. And read this about the British Prime Minister at that time.

The Soviet candidate: "University of California employees have given more than nine times as much money to the presidential candidates this year as they did in 2000, with more than 95% of it going to Sen. John F. Kerry"

Michael Totten on the "liberal" case for Bush: "Liberation and nation-building have been crucial parts of the Democratic tradition from the reconstruction of post-war Germany and Japan to the rescue and rehabilitation of Bosnia and Kosovo. In the 1990s and early 2000s I grew accustomed to hearing conservatives scoff at Bill Clinton's efforts as "international social work." With the honorable exception of dissident neoconservatives, post-Cold War Republicans increasingly resembled their circa 1930s isolationist counterparts... The intervention against Slobo's regime in Serbia wasn't slammed as a "unilateral war." It was the Peace Corps with muscles. But when George W. Bush implemented the Clinton Administration's policy of regime-change in Iraq, democratic nation-building morphed into "imperialism." Overthrowing a totalitarian regime was deemed "reckless." What mattered most was "stability.""

The "outsourcing" myth: "Studies show that the migration of U.S. jobs overseas is a tiny factor in weak employment growth. A Labor Department study of job losses in the first three months of the year found that only 2% went overseas. Other studies have put the figure closer to 1%.... Federal Reserve Board surveys show rising medical expenses - more than 10% annually for four years running - are dampening hiring as firms worry about paying for new employees' benefits."

More Leftist "racism" accusations: "Prime Minister John Howard says Opposition Leader Mark Latham's comments on Asian immigration shows he is getting desperate on the eve of the election. The Labor leader lashed out saying that Mr Howard had walked the streets of Liverpool in the late 1980s backing an anti-Asian immigration policy. Mr Howard rejected the claims, saying Mr Latham was desperate to win. "We've run a completely non-discriminatory immigration policy," Mr Howard told the Nine Network's Today Show. "We don't discriminate against anybody in this country on the basis of their race and Mr Latham knows that".

Leftists are born thugs: "More than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day today, trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked.... Graber called the latest incident part of a disturbing trend of criminal conduct by anti-Bush forces in Wisconsin, pointing to an incident in Madison last week in which Bush-Cheney yard signs were stolen from the yards of three homes. The vandals then used chemicals to burn swastikas into the lawns of the homes, which were within a two-block radius of one another. In addition, reports of stolen, defaced and damaged Bush-Cheney campaign signs are surfacing throughout Wisconsin."

Australian conservatives win unionist hearts: "It was an afternoon to chill the heart of a Labor true believer as workers and capitalists united behind John Howard. In Launceston thousands of card-carrying union members hailed Comrade John as a hero of the proletariat while in Sydney the heir to Australia's biggest business fortune, James Packer, declared his support for the Prime Minister. At Launceston's Albert Hall, Mr Howard gave loggers, log-truck drivers and sawmillers the message they wanted to hear: no changes to the Regional Forest Agreement, no job losses and no inquiries. "If my Government is returned on Saturday," Mr Howard began.. "You will be," yelled one of the workers, to deafening applause. "You're the best f..king Prime Minister we've ever had," one burly timber worker declared, red-faced with emotion and delight.... As Howard walked down to the myrtle timber floor of the hall, timber workers with their wives and children lined up to shake his hand. Winnaleah logger Gene Cavins persuaded Mr Howard to sign his sweat-stained baseball cap. His mate, fellow logger and previously committed Labor voter Dale Saward, 35, of Scottsdale, said he was thinking of voting for Howard now. "You'd bloody well better," demanded another mate".

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That power only, not principles, is what matters to Leftists is perfectly shown by the Kerry campaign. They have put up a man whose policies seem to be 99% the same as George Bush's even though they have previously disagreed violently with those policies. "Whatever it takes" is their rule.

Leftism is for most Leftists a desire to sound good rather than a desire to do good

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