Friday, October 08, 2004


A John Kerry ban on bunker busters would be a military victory for terrorism When John Kerry said he opposed the development of bunker-busters he not only committed an electoral gaffe he provided America with an open window into his real attitude toward the American people
Republicans' excellent record on blacks infuriates bigoted Democrats The Republicans' excellent record on civil rights for blacks has driven some Democrats to distraction
John Kerry - This Damn Spot Will Not Come Out Prior to 9-11 all of us, including John Kerry, turned a blind eye to the bombings, murders and terrorist atrocities being committed against American citizens
Doctors' wives attack forestry and its sweaty workers The Doctors' wives were photographed outside a perfectly manicured Victorian home in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Toorak, from where they can safely attack forest workers
John Howard and his spending spree If it were not for the war on terror I would be wishing for a John Howard defeat because of his spending spree

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