Sunday, October 24, 2004


The hatred and loathing that the media are expressing for President Bush has astonished many people. This week's issue reproduces seven articles from the 2000 election. These articles show that media hatred of Bush goes back many years. We believe that this hatred stems from a hatred of America. It is, in fact, the brutal end product of several decades of vicious anti-Americanism that has corrupted the media to the extent that their dishonesty and ideologically driven reports and commentary now threaten the democratic process.

Another Rupert Murdoch journalist maligns Bush and his record Susan Mitchell is another particularly nasty example of that breed of leftwing reporters who makes no attempt to hide the hate and sneering loathing she feels for George Bush
A Borgia journalist strikes at Bush The US election has helped expose just how bigoted and dishonest many of our journalists really are, which brings me to the 'The Australian Financial Review'
Murdoch's Australian roots for Gore again Cameron Forbes' squalid and bigoted report on the Florida recounts
Murdoch journalist libels Bush and his Texas record The malevolence of the Australian press toward Bush is striking in its intensity. One is even tempted to call it pathological
Aussie journalist joins Gore's election campaign Roy Eccleston, from Rupert Murdoch's 'Australian' railed against Republican demonstrators, falsely accusing them of intimidation
Media hack spins for Gore The American election has provided graphic and somewhat sickening examples of just how ideologically corrupt most of our journalists are
Al Gore's shameless journalists Leftwing journalists are relentless. No matter how much one exposes their political bigotry and hypocrisy they still continue to push the party line. And that brings me back to Gay Alcorn, 'Sydney Morning Herald'

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