Friday, October 29, 2004


John Kerry brings in former communist agent to slime Vietnam vets and smear Sinclair Broadcast Group John Kerry asked Lerach to deal with Sinclair and the vets. He did. He brought a former paid communist agent to the dirty deed
George Soros' slimy attack on President Bush The sooner the Americans wake up to this bargain-basement Machiavelli and the sleazy political ambitions of his super rich mates the safer they will be
John Kerry moves to censor the Sinclair Broadcast Group Despite the lying propaganda that the John Kerry campaign and its media lackeys are spreading the Sinclair documentary did contain dissenting views
The 2004 Nobel prize in economics: getting it wrong Since the Great Depression of the 1930's and until the early 1970s most economists viewed economic fluctuations as the outcome of shocks to aggregate demand. They are wrong
John Kerry tries to censor Vietnam vets and former POWs John Kerry sent in his attack dogs to intimidate Sinclair Broadcast Group and slime Vietnam vets who had been POWs
Another Murdoch journalist bends the facts to support John Kerry Why do so many people despise George Bush while supporting John Kerry? I believe the problem lies with the mass media, meaning journalists
Libertarian Party endorses President Bush There is a belief that a Bush administration would be undesirable. Such a notion could not be farther from the truth, or potentially more harmful to the cause of liberty
Indigenize Iraq's reconstruction The brutal violence in Iraq requires not only accelerating the training of indigenous security forces, but giving the Iraqi people responsibility for their own communities' reconstruction

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