Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Email from a reader

Here's another example-- as if you needed more-- about the ego-predominant locus of moral control among the left. Basically it is a parallel between Kerry's "outsourcing" comment about Tora Bora and abortion.

As you stated, if Kerry considers a third party as an "ally"-- collaborating, networking, dialoguing, "caring and sharing", etc.-- then the process is lionized and embraced. If he wishes to denigrate the contribution of a third-party ally, it's "outsourcing" and "the coalition of the coerced and the bribed." Never mind that the assistance from either type of ally may be identical.

With abortion the issue it is very similar. If a pregnant woman WANTS her baby, it's all about maternity leave, women-as-special, give me my paid time off (better to be for a year, as in Sweden), driving a minivan with "Baby on Board" sign in the window, play dates, preschool, and "my Devon is the most important little person in the world", etc. Let's do it all For the CHILDREN.

If this is an "undesired" pregnancy, it's just a "blob of tissue", "obligate parasite", "reproductive right" (for women only, of course), zero-population-growth, save-the-planet decision "between a woman and her doctor and her God". Never mind that these two "definitions" pertain to the same baby.

I believe the Left's incessant "For the Children" meme represents not only hiding behind the child-proxy to disguise their selfish policies, but also a reaction-formation against their desire to sacrifice a child for their own "lifestyle" AND a projection of their own childish self-absorbed desire to be protected from life's exigencies.

The Left lacks any core principle-- as you have maintained consistently-- other than solipsism. "It's all about MEMEMEMEMEMEME, and my definition of reality trumps yours. Only an idiot can believe differently from me." -- And if I change my mind tomorrow, only a rigid, inflexible idiot fails to understand my nuanced approach to life.


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