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Just imagine how Michael Moore and George Soros are feeling now. Justice has been done.

We do live in a better world now. The Islamicists are pipsqueaks compared to the menace that was once posed by the old Soviet Union. And just look at this news item now: "Russian President Vladimir Putin led world leaders' tributes to George W. Bush's victory in the U.S. presidential race, saying it meant Americans had not allowed themselves to be cowed by terrorists. "If Bush wins... I can only feel joy that the American people did not allow itself to be intimidated, and made the most sensible decision," Putin said at a Kremlin news conference". I have always had great respect for the long-suffering people of Russia and it is a joy to see that the artificial antagonism between them and the people of the Anglosphere has now ended. It is a considerable irony that the two biggest Slavic countries -- Russia and Poland -- now seem to have greater affection for America than Western Europe does. Note the disgusting comment by the Swedish Prime Minister in the same news item.

There is a lot of talk in the media about a "divided" America. See for example this rubbishy article. But Polipundit notes what will be obvious to everyone but the media: "I don't think it's an "bitterly divided country" when: 1. The Republican president just won over 50 percent for the first time in 16 years. He won more raw votes than anyone ever has, including Reagan. 2. The GOP has 55 senators. 3. The GOP has over 230 House members. 4. There are at least 28 Republican governors, including those of the 4 largest states. 5. The majority of state legislators and legislatures are Republican. 6. The GOP has just performed miracles, like ousting a Senate caucus leader for the first time since 1952, and getting a Republican senator elected from Louisiana for the first time ever".

And as Neumayr says: "What does all this talk of division really add up to? Aren't reporters really just saying that they feel divided from the country they cover? If the country is as divided as they eagerly assert, why don't the Democrats control half the branches of government? Why did they lose, not gain, votes in Florida? Why did Bush improve on his popular vote numbers so significantly? The country-is-divided chatter is not a journalistic report, but a wish -- the media's attempt to create the appearance of division so as to create division which might obstruct the progress of conservatism in the country."

But there is nonetheless still a very clear geographical division, as this map shows. The people who think they are superior and the big-city welfare clients whose votes were bought got together to vote for Kerry.

I think John Kerry's concession was one of the few good things he has ever done. He certainly showed more class than his odious litigation-loving vice-presidential sidekick who seemed determined to spin the matter out forever. And he put himself well above Gore too. Note this comment on conceding defeat: "They say Nixon had no class, but in 1960 he put the good of the country ahead of his own ambition and conceded a very close and controversial election to John Kennedy. A shift of a few thousand votes in Illinois and Texas would have given Nixon the presidency. In both places voter fraud was legendary and always on the Democratic side. Until the day he died, Nixon believed he had won in 1960. It seems to be one of the few things he really believed sincerely. Nobody will ever know whether he was right. The election was too close to call and in Chicago they knew how to steal elections too well to be caught. It is not so much that we are in new territory with elections, but we have become much more litigious. Al Gore should have given up after the first recount for the sake of the country. Despite myths that have been repeated endlessly, he had no reason to believe in widespread Republican fraud. Democrats ran all the disputed counties and the infamous butterfly ballot was designed by a Democrat. Any fraud is much more likely to have benefited them".

A good summary of election night here. Excerpt: "In a graphic demonstration of how strong the Republicans' lock has become on the South, only one generation ago the preserve of the Democrat Party, even John Edwards, Mr Kerry's running-mate, saw his own state of North Carolina vote for Mr Bush by 56 per cent to 43, the same margin of victory for Mr Bush four years ago. Mr Edwards's own senate seat, which he vacated to focus on his initial bid for the Democrat presidential nomination last year, went Republican by nearly 200,000 votes. Democrats lost all five of the Southern senate seats they were defending"

Some Democrat "clients" reject them: "But before the entire Bush constituency is dismissed as merely a collection of religious fanatics, armed to the teeth and living in the hills, it should be remembered that the army of secular Americans is about the same size as those for whom cultural conservatism is the essence of their politics.... The crucial additional building blocks in the Bush coalition were drawn from beyond the stereotype of the Republican electorate. Mr Bush performed notably better among three categories of Americans on Tuesday than he had done four years earlier. These were women, the elderly and Hispanic citizens. The Hispanic electorate has been wooed by the White House for the whole of Mr Bush's tenure. He reaped a substantial reward for his efforts, not least in Florida. The Democratic Party, once the ultimate "rainbow coalition", has thus lost its hold on female electors and its dominance over a rapidly expanding ethic minority".

Hey! How come he's not a "neocon"?: "Mr Rove can claim more credit for Mr Bush's re-election triumph than anyone other than the President. The strategist who masterminded Mr Bush's three previous elections, two for the Texas governorship, was always going to emerge from this presidential election as either an electoral genius or a snake oil salesman. The strategy and tactics were his alone. He shaped the battleground and crafted the message. He recruited and marshalled the troops and issued their orders. And he got it all just about right". [He doesn't sound like a Jewish intellectual recently converted from Trotskyism to me! He has no university degree, has been a Republican since age 9 and isn't Jewish. But silly me! If he has big influence he MUST be a neocon!]

Promethean Antagonist is from "flyover country" and comments: "A pompous weasel who collaborated with communists and established a record of having done absolutely nothing for the last 30 years, was defeated by the voters of "flyover country" -- those dreaded commoners who don't know names like, Sartre, Foucault, and Derrida have rejected George McGovern Jr. The Left and the international spoiled brat brigade will wring their hands in horror..... The greatest irony of Bush's win is that he may not have won if the phony renegades of Leftist elitism hadn't screeched their nonsense for over a year now. To folks like Michael Moore,, Steve Earl, Bruce Springsteen et al. (the list is really long), ya blew it! and you have only yourselves to blame."

Carnival of the Vanities is up again and this week's host voted for Bush so pay him a visit!

I have just put up on Leftists as Elitists some amusing excerpts from elitist reactions to Bush's victory.

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That power only, not principles, is what matters to Leftists is perfectly shown by the Kerry campaign. They have put up a man whose policies seem to be 99% the same as George Bush's even though they have previously disagreed violently with those policies. "Whatever it takes" is their rule.

Leftists are phonies. For most of them all that they want is to sound good. They don't care about doing good. That's why they do so much harm. They don't really care what the results of their policies are as long as they are seen as having good intentions

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