Thursday, January 06, 2005


I guess these guys don't really matter. They can't even spell "specter", even though they use the word in their headline. And who reads Revolutionary Worker anyway? But it is instructive how they have to depend on lies to support their cause. Excerpts:

"The agenda of Bush and the Christian right is not limited to criminalizing abortion, outlawing gay marriage, forcing children to recite prayers in school, and mandating the teaching of Biblical creationist ignorance. Their ultimate goal is Christian fascist theocracy. Now, following the election, they feel emboldened-and compelled-to take their theocratic project to a whole new level... The Bible reflects and supports all that goes along with these class and social relations: wars of conquest and pillage; traditional relations of patriarchy and male domination; the division of society into rich and poor, exploited and exploiter; and the absolute power of rulers over ruled.... The Christian fascists don't believe religion should be an individual choice. They believe all of society, and indeed the whole world, must be ruled according to biblical law-in short, they believe in a theocracy with no separation between church and state".

Recognize anyone you know there? I don't. It is all just a fantasy. No Christian Church that I know of seeks such things. So what sources do they quote to back up their claims? The good old New York Times mostly. How surprising!


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