Tuesday, January 04, 2005


What I think are the best posts on my various blogs for this week:

Dissecting Leftism explains why Libertarians should support the GOP

Political Correctness Watch shows that the ACLU is really anti-liberty

Greenie Watch says that buying the cheapest is environmentally friendly

Education Watch says that Americans are diploma-mad

Socialized Medicine says that doctors are being driven to labor union-like tactics by the high costs of litigation

Leftists as Elitists shows that Leftist elitism leads to Leftist hate

Gun Watch shows how horrible was history's most successful attempt at a complete ban on guns.

MarxWords shows that Hitler and Karl Marx agreed about the Jews

But the post that generated most emails was my fun Greenie Watch post on steam cars (scroll down)! That really brought the technophiles out of the woodwork! They all had better ideas of course. But nobody mentioned orbital engines. Shame!


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