Sunday, March 13, 2005


Castro is the "charming and idealist" dictator loved by Hollywood, academia, and the liberal media. However, what The New York Times doesn't tell you is that behind his charisma lies a merciless dictator and mass murderer who outnumbered the Nazi prewar incarceration and murder rate during his first three months in power. In Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant, journalist, acclaimed author, and Cuban emigre Humberto Fontova shatters the myths and exposes the truth about the liberal elites' love affair with Castro-revealing the propaganda of media inaccuracies of the past forty-three years.

Fidel is a shocking confirmation of how one dictator has murdered, impoverished, and tyrannized a country that once had the eleventh highest living standard in the world-yet remains American liberals' favorite dictator. In hundreds of interviews with former Castro regime officials, anti-Castro freedom fighters, and Castro's political prisoners, Fontova reveals the truth about "Cuba's President." Fidel discloses horrific tales of the Castro regime, including his failed terrorist plot on New York City, atrocious human rights record, and blood-drenched Cuban Revolution.

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