Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Once again I pick out what I think are my best posts for the week:

On Dissecting Leftism I take apart the Leftist claim that American Christians are "Nazis".

On Political Correctness Watch I note the self-contradictory nature of the "precautionary principle".

On Greenie Watch I note one example of Greenies losing a round.

On Leftists as Elitists I note that the Leftist academic elite is getting challenged

On Socialized Medicine I note that Britain's public hospitals have big dangers that private hospitals do not

On Education Watch I note that Harvard has in effect joined the USSR

On Gun Watch there are some lessons from the death of a Texas hero

On A Scripture Blog I look at two views of the afterlife

On MarxWords I note that, like Hitler, Marx saw war as a healthy influence.

On Majority Rights I explain neo-Nazi thinking

On Blogger News I point out that the recent slayings in an Atlanta courthouse were the result of political correctness


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