Sunday, June 26, 2005


Warning: Very incorrect post coming up. It's all truth and logic, though

Steven Levitt's well-known finding that legalized abortion reduced crime in the USA is well summarized here. The summary does not mention Steve Sailer's challenge but that may be because Levitt himself has answered that challenge quite convincingly. The interesting part of the article comes at the very end however:

"I asked Don Weatherburn, director of the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, about Levitt's hypothesis. He says it's plausible, but there are other plausible hypotheses too. (Some can be found in the book The Crime Drop in America, edited by Alfred Blumstein and Joel Wallman.)

So what about Australia, which Levitt suggests has had a similar experience to America? Abortion was legalised here at about the same time as in the US, but Weatherburn says that most crime increased in Australia during the 1990s. He wonders if Australia's more generous welfare provisions meant that legalised abortion had a different impact here. Whatever the reason, our criminal class has remained free of the (unintended) eugenics Levitt says occurred in the US"

The unmentioned elephant is that Australia has very few negroes. And in America it is negroes who are both heavy users of abortion and a hugely disproportionate source of crime. So what the Australian result shows is that the effect is a negro effect, not an underclass or poverty effect generally. I guess I can understand that nobody wanted to confront that obvious inference but it does show that crime-reduction cannot be used as a GENERAL justification for abortion. It only works with negroes.

NOTE: Even though I am Australian blogging from Australia and the High Court of Australia has recently ruled that even the word "nigger" is not offensive in Australia, I do realize that the word "negro" is pretty unmentionable in polite American circles today. If I had however said that Australia has few people of African origin here I would be lying. We have a lot of them -- white refugees from Zimbabwe, South Africa and East Africa.


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