Saturday, July 02, 2005


"This site, as well as the Mother Site (CFK) has been bombarded with righteous anti-American, Republican-bashing posts written in good English, without mentioning the posters' nationality. But site administrators have a way of checking IP addresses. Some of them came from the Netherlands, some from Germany, and all of them point to RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Amsterdam:

Good job, European activist comrades! The enemy is more tractable if he is confused about the source of the attack and thinks it may be coming from his next-door neighbor. We were forced to delete a few dozen of such posts as spam - they had no intrinsic value and added nothing to the site. As of late, however, angry spam has been replaced by "neutral" advertisements for the U.S. Democratic Party, which the DNC Chairperson, Howard Dean (a.k.a. Hao Tse-Dean), has initiated. But the IP addresses behind the posts are the same, ending up in Europe.

Why would the anti-American European Left support the American Democratic Party? Apparently for the same reason they support the anti-American Iraqi insurgency and Islamofascists. They don't? Oh yes they do! U.S. News & World Report writes about their latest campaign - "10 Euros per person for the Iraqi resistance." Observe European fundraising sites here and here. No need to mention the Left's propagandistic effort to give moral support to terrorists in the Middle East and around the globe, in which they thoroughly fill the gigantic shoes of the erstwhile KGB, picking up Stalin's methods and networks.

Why would they do that? To win, the Left needs to discredit and defeat the very idea of capitalism, individualism, and personal freedom. The simple litmus test here is this: would you like to own your government, or would you like your government to own you? This is the basic fault line and the starting point of all reasoning. America was the world's first nation to set up a system in which individuals owned their government - as opposed to the rest of the world were people remained slaves to their rulers. To exist, the American system requires capitalism, individualism, and personal freedom. These are the American values. The only significant force in today's world that still fights for them are American conservatives. The Left's ultimate model, on the contrary, implies that the individual is owned by the state. In such state humans become mere beasts of burden and are routinely sacrificed for the mythical "common good." This ideological divide makes the American conservatives the Left's worst enemies and best punching bags.

It's ironic that in order to make the world accept its "historically optimistic" vision, the Left needs to instill nihilism, fear, uncertainty, cynicism, and despair. In practical terms, that means to defeat the spreading of American values worldwide (by supporting Islamofascists) and at home (by supporting the U.S. Democratic Party represented by Howard Dean and Dick Durbin). And it looks like the desperate DNC leaders try their best to live up to such a high honor.


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