Thursday, June 09, 2005


I rarely put up graphics on this blog both because I like the page to load fast and because I don't have much bandwidth. But the graphic below is too interesting to miss. Although Leftists furiously dispute it, readers of this blog will be aware that there is any amount of evidence to show that Hitler was exactly what he said he was -- a national socialist. For those who want to check it, I have presented a small selection of the evidence of his socialism here.

Aside from the nationalism, it is amazing how much Mein Kampf sounds like modern Leftism in fact. Even Hitler's antisemitism would pass unremarked among modern Leftists. And Hitler's nationalism was in fact one way in which he was smarter than modern Leftists. Have a look at the 1939 Nazi propaganda placard below (a Wochenspruch for the Gau Weser/Ems). The placard promotes one of Hitler's sayings. The saying is, "Es gibt keinen Sozialismus, der nicht aufgeht im eigenen Volk" -- which I translate as "There is no socialism except what arises within its own people". Hitler spoke a very colloquial German so translating that one was not easy but I think that is about as close to it as you can get.

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As some modern context for that saying, note that there have now been various psychological studies (e.g. here) showing that people are more willing to share with others whom they see as like themselves. That leads to the view that socialism will find its strongest support among an ethnically homogeneous population -- which the Scandinavian countries notably were until recently. And ethnic diversity therefore will undermine support for socialism (as in the U.S.A.). And from my studies of them, I have noted that the Scots are a very brotherly lot. There is even a line in a famous Harry Lauder song that says: "Where brother Scots foregather ...". And of course the Scots are enormously socialistic. When Margaret Thatcher came to power on a huge swing towards the Conservatives in England, Scotland actually swung away from the conservatives.

So the "diversity at all costs" orientation and open borders policies of the modern Left are actually very inimical to the socialistic aims of the Left. The modern day Left do not see that their promoting of infinite diversity will undermine support for socialism. Hitler did.



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