Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Once again I list what I think were the best posts on my various blogs in the preceding week.

On Dissecting Leftism I note the amazing lies of Australia's Left-leaning academic historians

On Political Correctness Watch I note that radical feminists treat men like the "niggers" of the old South

On Greenie Watch I note that in California the Greenies are trying to save flies!

On Education Watch I ask: are Spanish-only schools coming in California?

On Gun Watch I note that Californian legislators are trying to put serial nos. on bullets!

On Leftists as Elitists I have a report on the antisemitic British elite

On Socialized Medicine I report a bureaucratic health care system that has totally bogged down

On Blogger News I look at political centrism and its implications

On Majority Rights I summarize research into psychological authoritarianism



US economy, trade deficit, money supply and growth : No matter what the current crop of Pollyanna's think, the US economy's insatiable demand for imports has nothing to do with a 'demographic gap between the US and other developed countries'
The Australian economy, manufacturing and the exchange rate: There is considerable dispute about whether the Australian economy is running into capacity constraints. So what is really happening?
Australian economy: wages and the fallacy of union bargaining: Tragically for Australia's unemployed, our rightwing economists appear to be doing nothing to educate the public in basic economics or even economic history
Rebuilding the Twin Towers: The Twin Towers had been under attack by terrorists for years because they were such a perfect symbol of a free economy
What is the Best Way to Prevent Abortions?: One sobering statistic reveals that every time a teenage girl has extramarital sex, she has a 47 percent chance of catching the virus that causes cervical cancer
In my opinion what is CNN, O'Reilly and Newsweek?: Newsweek deliberately contributed to the escalation of Muslim hatred towards the US


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