Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy birthday to me! I turn 62 today

Brookes News Update

Government MPs plan to rip millions off in subsidies for ethanol producers : Trade Minister Mark Vaile and Nationals senator-elect Barnaby Joyce are proposing ethanol subsidies that will rip millions out of taxpayers' pockets
What is NAIRU?: Explains why the concept of the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) is an economic fiction
Market reality vs. socialist myths: Despite the collapse of the Soviet Empire and China's move to a capitalist oriented state socialist ideas still plague much so-called economic thinking
Free trade, manufacturing and wages: In the 1920s continental unions argued that their countries needed tariffs to protect their members' jobs from high-wage American labour
G8 bows to Islamic terrorism: USAID from spending millions on helping Arab Palestinian terrorist organisations


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